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Джош Хомм

Дата рождения: 17. Май 1973


Джош Майкл Хомме — американский музыкант и продюсер, основатель групп в стиле стоунер-рок Kyuss и Queens of the Stone Age. В 2009 году вместе с Дейвом Гролом и Джоном Полом Джонсом основал новый проект Them Crooked Vultures, в котором поёт и играет на гитаре.

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Цитаты Джош Хомм


„Music is my religion.“

— Josh Homme
" JOSHUA HOMME: “IT DOESN'T MATTER IF IT’S BEEN SAID, IT’S NEVER BEEN SAID BY ME” http://www.antiquiet.com/news/2010/09/josh-homme-interview-zane-lowe/", Antiquet (August 27th, 2009)

„I want God to come and take me home, 'cause I'm all alone in this crowd.“

— Josh Homme
"The Vampyre of Time and Memory", ...Like Clockwork (2013)

„It's only falling in love because you've hit the ground.“

— Josh Homme
"I Appear Missing", ...Like Clockwork (2013)


„You're solid gold, I'll see you in hell.“

— Josh Homme
You Can't Quit Me Baby, Queens of the Stone Age (1998)

„My favorite music is hooky, quirky, arty, dark, surprising, heavy, groovy, soft, emotional but not emo. It wears a sweater because it’s cold, not because it's stylistically there.“

— Josh Homme
Reported in Jay Babcock, " JOSHUA HOMME: People say [record] labels are evil. No, they’re just lame. http://www.arthurmag.com/2007/12/04/josh-homme-people-say-labels-are-evil-no-theyre-just-lame/", Arthur Magazine (December 4, 2007).


„Pieces were stolen from me
Or dare I say, given away.“

— Josh Homme
"I Appear Missing", ...Like Clockwork (2013)

„... but I'm also a father, a husband and a raging alcoholic...“

— Josh Homme
" Josh Homme Talks Tour Superstition http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=712MM-wF3r8", "O2 Academy" (June 2011)

„If life but a dream, then

— Josh Homme
"Keep Your Eyes Peeled", ...Like Clockwork (2013)