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Иво Андрич

Дата рождения: 9. Октябрь 1892
Дата смерти: 13. Март 1975
Другие имена: ایوو آندریچ

И́во А́ндрич — югославский писатель и дипломат, родившийся на территории современной Боснии и Герцеговины. Единственный югославский писатель, удостоенный Нобелевской премии в области литературы .

Цитаты Иво Андрич

Citát „Что не болит — то не жизнь, что не проходит — то не счастье.“

„The people were divided into the persecuted and those who persecuted them. That wild beast, which lives in man and does not dare to show itself until the barriers of law and custom have been removed, was now set free. The signal was given, the barriers were down. As has so often happened in the history of man, permission was tacitly granted for acts of violence and plunder, even for murder, if they were carried out in the name of higher interests, according to established rules, and against a limited number of men of a particular type and belief. A man who saw clearly and with open eyes and was then living could see how this miracle took place and how the whole of a society could, in a single day, be transformed. In a few minutes the business quarter, based on centuries of tradition, was wiped out. It is true that there had always been concealed enmities and jealousies and religious intolerance, coarseness and cruelty, but there had also been courage and fellowship and a feeling for measure and order, which restrained all these instincts within the limits of the supportable and, in the end, calmed them down and submitted them to the general interest of life in common. Men who had been leaders in the commercial quarter for forty years vanished overnight as if they had all died suddenly, together with the habits, customs and institutions which they represented.“

—  Ivo Andrič, книга The Bridge on the Drina

Источник: The Bridge on the Drina (1945), Ch. 22

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