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Дата рождения: 7. Июль 1966


James Christopher Gaffigan is an American stand-up comedian, actor, writer, and producer. He was raised in Chesterton, Indiana. His material is often about fatherhood, observations, laziness, and food. He is also regarded as a "clean" comic, using little profanity in his routines. He has had several successful comedy specials, including Mr. Universe, Obsessed, and Cinco, all three of which received Grammy nominations. His memoir, Dad Is Fat and his most recent book, Food: A Love Story , are both published by Crown Publishers. He co-created and starred in a TV Land television series based on his life called The Jim Gaffigan Show.

He collaborates extensively with his wife, actress Jeannie Gaffigan, and together they have five children. They are Catholic, a topic that comes up in his comedy, and live in Manhattan, New York City.

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„I never want to do material that makes people laugh at the expense of making other people feel bad - not to say I'm not guilty of that at times. …“

—  Jim Gaffigan
Context: I do kind of aspire to do comedy that appeals to a wide range of audiences and doesn't divide people. I never want to do material that makes people laugh at the expense of making other people feel bad - not to say I'm not guilty of that at times.... I try and make humor out of the really important issues of the day, like Hot Pockets and elevators and not wanting to get out of bed. Stephanie Bouchard (February 15, 2007) "Pasty-faced and proud of it - Comedian Jim Gaffigan brings his 'Beyond the Pale Tour' to Merrill Auditorium", Portland Press Herald, Blethen Maine Newspapers Inc., D10.

„It's like in most parts of America, where there was industry and there is no longer; there is cynicism mixed with sarcasm and some optimism. That's how my background influenced my comedy.“

—  Jim Gaffigan
Ben Fields (September 28, 2008) "Laugh Again with Gaffigan - Down-to-earth Gaffigan getting ready to bring 'Sexy' to the Keith", The Herald-Dispatch, p. 1.


„As an actor, you deal with so much rejection and humiliation. When the good things come around, you tend not to trust your instincts.“

—  Jim Gaffigan
Mike McDaniel (November 21, 2000) "Gaffigan's 'Welcome': Series drops a friendly Indiana weatherman in the Big Apple", Houston Chronicle, p. 8.

„I'd been acting and doing stand-up in New York about eight years, getting rejected, and I finally got the opportunity to do stand-up on Letterman, which holds even more importance for me. With comedians, that's definitely the pinnacle, but being from Indiana, it was a big to-do.“

—  Jim Gaffigan
On getting his big break, an appearance on Late Show With David Letterman — interview in Virginia Rohan (November 29, 2000) "Partly Howdy - Jim Gaffigan Is a Midwestern Weatherman Who Takes On The Big City in 'Welcome To New York'", The Record, p. Y1.

„I am a guy who talks about bacon and escalators. Stand-up comedy is very much a conversation. It's very personal, stylistically.“

—  Jim Gaffigan
John Wenzel (October 10, 2008) "Underneath that pasty exterior beats the dark heart of a comic", The Denver Post, p. D-12.

„In Indiana, I wasn't anything special. But in New York, I've gone out with girls with purple hair who go out with me because I'm exotic!“

—  Jim Gaffigan
Frazier Moore, Associated Press (December 27, 2000) "Comic Gaffigan Gets A Hayseed's Welcome to New York", Sun-Sentinel, p. 3E.

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„Stand-up is an amazing art form, I think, because it's all about you having complete control of the situation, but absolutely none.“

—  Jim Gaffigan
Allan Johnson (October 7, 2005) "Seriously, Jim Gaffigan is an actor and a stand-up comic", Chicago Tribune, p. 9.

„I liked the idea that my character was not gonna be the typical dumb guy that I play, typically. I also loved the fact that it was dealing with kind of adult-extended adolescence, which I think is always interesting -- a bunch of people that don't wanna grow up.“

—  Jim Gaffigan
On his character in My Boys — interview in Bob Kostanczuk (December 15, 2006) "From 'Pale Force' to 'My Boys' Region native Jim Gaffigan keeps comedy career chuggin' with new sitcom", Post-Tribune, p. D1.

„Yeah, I am a character actor.“

—  Jim Gaffigan
Doug Elfman (November 19, 2006) "Oh, 'Boys': New show centers on a female sportswriter who likes guys and likes to drink. Just don't call her 'hot.'", Chicago Sun-Times, p. D11.

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