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Марк Анней Лукан

Дата рождения: 3. Ноябрь 39 н.э.
Дата смерти: 30. Апрель 65 н.э.

О фельдмаршале см. Джордж Чарльз Бингхэм, 3-й граф Лукан.

Марк Анней Лукан — римский поэт, значительнейший римский эпик после Вергилия.

Цитаты Марк Анней Лукан

„Преуспевающий человек никогда не должен думать, что его любят за его собственные качества.“

„Праздность всегда порождает в душе непостоянство.“

„Если осталось ещё что-нибудь доделать, считайте, что ничего не сделано.“

„Всё преходящее подвержено случайностям.“

„От пользы до справедливости так же далеко, как от земли до звёзд.“

„God cheats men into living on by hiding how blessed it is to die.“ De Bello Civili Libri X

„And they are ignorant that the purpose of the sword is to save every man from slavery.“ Pharsalia: The Civil War

„Even so, when the framework of the world is dissolved, and the final hour, closing so many ages, reverts to pristine chaos, then the fiery stars will drop into the sea, and the earth will shake off the ocean... and the whole distracted firmament will overthrow its laws.“

„Deep-seated are the wounds dealt in civil brawls.“

„-tacito mala vota susiro concipimus"
-- Lucan v 94
With silent whisperings we,
For ill things supplicants be.“

„Poverty fled, she who gives birth to virile men.“

„to plunge so deep takes more than any sword: such gaping wounds belong to civic hands.“ Civil War

„Sive parens rerum, cum primum informia regna
Materiamque rudem flamma cedente recpit,
Fixit in aeternum causas, qua cuncta coercet
Se quoque lege tenens, et saecula iussa ferentem
Fatorum inmoto divisit limite mundum;
Sive nihil positom est sed fors incerta vagatur
Fertque refertque vices, et habet mortalia casus:
Sit subitum, quodcumque paras; sit caeca future
Mens hominum fati; liceat sperare timenti.“
Lucan: The Civil War

„From Iolcus the sea was first challenged, when the untried Argo scorned the shore and brought together nations that before were strangers; she first matched mankind against the raging winds and waves of ocean, and by her means a new form of death was added to the old.“ Lucan: The Civil War

„Whether the author of the universe, when the fire gave place and he first took in his hand the shapeless realm of raw matter, established the chain of causes for all eternity, and bound himself as well by universal law, and portioned out the universe, which endures the ages prescribed for it, by a fixed line of destiny; or whether nothing is ordained and Fortune, moving at random, brings round the cycle of events, and chance is master of mankind - in either case, let they purpose, whatever it be, be sudden; let the mind of man be blind to coming doom; he fears, but leave him hope.“ Lucan: The Civil War

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