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Нил Янг

Дата рождения: 12. Ноябрь 1945
Другие имена:నెయిల్ యంగ్,নীল ইয়াং


Нил Пе́рсиваль Янг — канадский певец и автор песен, гитарист, режиссёр нескольких фильмов. Музыкальную карьеру начал в 1960-х годах, основал группу Buffalo Springfield, был участником супергруппы Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Выпустил более тридцати студийных альбомов, часть из них — с рок-группой Crazy Horse. Характерными признаками музыки Янга является своеобразный стиль игры на гитаре и высокий тенор исполнителя.

Нил экспериментировал в жанрах скиффла, блюза и рокабилли, но наиболее известным является его творчество в жанре фолк/кантри-рока и электронного харда . Музыка Янга оказала существенное влияние на такие группы, как Nirvana и Pearl Jam, за что исполнитель получил прозвище «крёстного отца гранжа». Под псевдонимом Bernard Shakey снял концертные фильмы «Rust Never Sleeps», «Greendale», «CSNY/Déjà Vu» и другие. Широко известна атмосферная музыка Янга к фильму Джима Джармуша «Мертвец».

Музыкант является убеждённым защитником окружающей среды и благотворителем. В 1985 году совместно с Вилли Нельсоном и Джоном Мелленкампом основал благотворительный фестиваль Farm Aid, а год спустя — Bridge School Benefit , которые проводятся ежегодно по настоящее время. Был дважды включён в Зал славы рок-н-ролла: в 1995 году как сольный исполнитель и в 1997 году как участник Buffalo Springfield. В 2006 году награждён Орденом Манитобы, в 2009 году — Орденом Канады II степени. Почётный доктор музыки и гуманитарных наук.

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„Our family was starting. We kept on moving with our young lives, shortly afterward and took Ben Young with us everywhere. But pretty soon Pegi started noticing that Ben was not doing the things some other babies were doing. Pegi was wondering if something was wrong. She was young, and nothing had ever gone wrong in her life. People told us kids grow at different rates and do things at different times.

But as Ben reached six months old, we found ourselves sitting in a doctor's office. He glanced at us and offhandedly said, "Of course. Ben has cerebral palsy."

I was in shock. I walked around in a for for weeks. I couldn't fathom how I had fathered two children with a rare condition that was not supposed to be hereditary, with tow different mothers. I was so angry and confused inside, projecting scenarios in my mind where people said something bad about Ben or Zeke and I would just attack them, going wild. Luckily that never did happen, but there was a root of instability inside me for a while. Although it mellowed with time, I carried that feeling around for years.

Eventually Pegi and I, wanting to have another child after Ben, went to se an expert of the subject. That was Pegi's idea. Always organized and methodical in her approach to problems, Pegi planned an approach to our dilemma with her very high intelligence. We both loved children but were a little gun-shy about having another, to say the least. After evaluating our situation and our children, the doctor told us that probably Zeke dis not actually have CP-he likely had suffered a stroke in utero. The symptoms are very similar. Pegi and I weighed this information. To know someone like her and to make a decision about a subject as important as this with her was a gift beyond anything I have ever experienced. It was her idea, and she had guided us to this point. We made a decision together to go forward and have another child.“

— Neil Young, Waging Heavy Peace: A Hippie Dream

„Without Pegi, I'm an island without an ocean“

— Neil Young, Waging Heavy Peace: A Hippie Dream


„Danny and the Memories was the band at the root of Crazy Horse. They were a vocal group with Danny Whitten, Ralphie, Billy, and a guy named Ben Rocco. When I recently saw their old video of "Land of a Thousand Dances" on You-Tube, I realized that is is truly the shit. You know, I looked at it maybe twenty times in a row. Even though Danny was amazing and he held the Horse together in the early days, I did not know how great Danny was until I saw this! The moves! What an amazing dancer he was. His presence on that performance is elevating! He is gone, and no one can change that. We will never see and hear where he was going. I am telling you, the world missed one of the greatest when Danny and the Memories did not have a NUMBER ONE smash record back in the day. They were so musical, with great harmonies, and Danny was a total knockout! I am so moved by this that it could make me cry at any time. This is one of those many times when words can't describe the music.

Danny and the Memories eventually transformed into the Rockets; they were playing in this old house in Laurel Canyon, and I somehow connected with them while Buffalo Springfield was at the Whiskey. We had a lot of pots jams in the house. Later on I saw Danny and the guys at somebody's house in Topanga. After that I asked if Danny, Billy, and Ralphie would play on a record with me. We did one day, practicing in my Topanga house, and it sounded great. I named the band Crazy Horse and away we went. The Rockets were still together, but this was a different deal.

At that time, I thought Danny was a great guitarist and singer. I had no idea how great, though. I just was too full of myself to see it. Now I see it clearly. I wish I could do that again, because more of Danny would be there.

I have made an Early Daze record of the Horse, and you can hear a different vocal of "Cinnamon Girl" featuring more of Danny. He was singing the high part and it came through big-time. I changed it so I sang the high part and put that out. That was a big mistake. I fucked up. I did not know who Danny was. He was better than me. I didn't see it. I was strong, and maybe I helped destroy something sacred by not seeing it. He was never pissed off about it. I wasn't like that. I was young, and maybe I didn't know what I was doing. Some things you wish never happened. But we got what we got.

I never really saw him a sing and move until I saw that "Land of a Thousand Dances" video. I could watch it over and over. I can't believe it. It's just one of those things. My heart aches for what happened to him. These memories are what make Crazy Horse great today. And now we don't have Briggs, either, for the next record, but we have the spirit and the heart to go on. And we have John Hanlong, taught by Briggs, to engineer this sucker. It will rock and cry. Please let's get to this before life comes knocking again.“

— Neil Young, Waging Heavy Peace: A Hippie Dream

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