„When you dance with the devil, it might as well be a devil who can give you your own corner of hell to rule.“


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„They say that the Devil is a charming man.
And just like you I bet he can dance.“

—  Kate Bush British recording artist; singer, songwriter, musician and record producer 1958

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„Where dance is, there is the devil.“

—  John Chrysostom important Early Church Father 349 - 407
Homily on Matt.48.3

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„No devil, no hell. No hell, no atonement. No atonement, no preaching, no gospel.“

—  Robert G. Ingersoll Union United States Army officer 1833 - 1899
Context: The church must not abandon its belief in devils. Orthodoxy cannot afford to put out the fires of hell. Throw away a belief in the devil, and most of the miracles of the New Testament become impossible, even if we admit the supernatural. If there is no devil, who was the original tempter in the garden of Eden? If there is no hell, from what are we saved; to what purpose is the atonement? Upon the obverse of the Christian shield is God, upon the reverse, the devil. No devil, no hell. No hell, no atonement. No atonement, no preaching, no gospel.

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„I believe all the devils in hell are against us but we will triumph eventually because we have the Devil on our side.“

—  Madame Nhu First lady of South Vietnam 1924 - 2011
In response to Diệm and Nhu, assassination in a coup d’état led by General Dương Văn Minh (Armed Forces Council) http://fablog.ehrensteinland.com/2013/10/05/

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