„No, you're mistaken. Not 'What filthy weather' but 'It's a fine rainy day.“

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Эрик-Эммануэль Шмитт фото
Эрик-Эммануэль Шмитт10
французский писатель и драматург 1960

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„You're about as reliable as paper shoes in bad weather.“

—  Brandon Boyd American rock singer, writer and visual artist 1976

Lyrics, Light Grenades (2006)

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„I miss my friends in Paris. Holland is fine to paint, but Paris is the only place to follow one's studies. One can find judges there who will encourage you, who wil tell one what is necessary and what is missing. My great hope is to return as soon as the weather and luck are on my side for he journey.“

—  Johan Jongkind Dutch painter and printmaker regarded as a forerunner of Impressionism 1819 - 1891

Quote of Jongkind in his letter, Oct. 1856 from The Netherlands, to Martin Beugniet in Paris; as cited by Victorine Hefting, in Jongkinds's Universe, Henri Scrépel, Paris, 1976, p. 46
Martin Beugniet in Paris buys many new works of Jongkind and tried to persuade him to come back to France

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„A change in the weather is known to be extreme; but what's the sense in changing horses in mid-stream?“

—  Bob Dylan American singer-songwriter, musician, author, and artist 1941

Song lyrics, Blood on the Tracks (1975), You're a Big Girl Now

Richard Hovey фото

„Fair weather weddings make fair weather lives.“

—  Richard Hovey American writer 1864 - 1900

Act i. Sc. 3.
The Marriage of Guenevere (1891)

Tim Powers фото

„The seas and the weathers are what is; your vessels adapt to them or sink.“

—  Tim Powers, On Stranger Tides

Источник: On Stranger Tides (1987), Chapter 1 (p. 9, repeated on p. 53)

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„One day I noticed that I could go on working art my motif no matter what the weather might be. I no longer needed the sun, for I took my light everywhere with me.“

—  Georges Braque French painter and sculptor 1882 - 1963

Источник: posthumous quotes, p. 30 - Braque's quote from the book, written by John Rusell, London 1959

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