„The art of love… is largely the art of persistence.“

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1913 - 2007

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„Art consists of the persistence of memory.“

—  Stephen King, книга Misery

Misery (1987)
Контексте: Writers remember everything... especially the hurts. Strip a writer to the buff, point to the scars, and he'll tell you the story of each small one. From the big ones you get novels. A little talent is a nice thing to have if you want to be a writer, but the only real requirement is the ability to remember the story of every scar.
Art consists of the persistence of memory.

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„The art of the future will be largely advertising.“

—  Fortunato Depero Italian painter, writer, sculptor and graphic designer 1892 - 1960

Depero (1931) "Futurism and Adverticing Art"; Partly quoted in: Jonathon Keats, " Fortunato Depero's Italian Futurism http://www.forbes.com/forbes-life-magazine/2009/0608/art-fortunato-depero-italian-futurism.html," forbes.com, 2009/06/08
Контексте: The art of the future will be largely advertising.
that bold and unimpeachable lesson I have learned from museums and great works from the past—
all art for centuries past has been marked by advertising purposes: the exaltation of the warrior, the saint; documentation of deeds, ceremonies, and historical personages depicted at their victories, with their symbols, in the regalia of command and splendor—
even their highest products were simultaneously meant to glorify something: architecture, royal palaces, thrones, drapery, halberds, standards, heraldry and arms of every sort—
there is scarcely an ancient work that doesn’t have advertising motifs, a garland with a trophy, with weapons of war and victory, all stamped with seals and the original symbols of clans, all with the self-celebrating freedom of ultra-advertising

„Art loves chance, and chance loves art.“

—  Agathon Athenian tragic poet -448 - -401 до н.э.

Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics, Book VI, sec. 4, 1140a.

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„The art of marketing is largely the art of brand building. When something is not a brand, it will be probably be viewed as a commodity.“

—  Philip Kotler American marketing author, consultant and professor 1931

Philip Kotler (1999), as cited in: Dennis Adcock, ‎Al Halborg, ‎Caroline Ross (2001), Marketing: Principles and Practice. p. 208

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„I love art, and I love history, but it is living art and living history that I love…“

—  William Morris author, designer, and craftsman 1834 - 1896

"The History of Pattern-Designing" lecture (1882) The Collected Works of William Morris (1910 - 1915) Vol. 22.
Контексте: I love art, and I love history, but it is living art and living history that I love... It is in the interest of living art and living history that I oppose so-called restoration. What history can there be in a building bedaubed with ornament, which cannot at the best be anything but a hopeless and lifeless imitation of the hope and vigour of the earlier world?

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„Acting is merely the art of keeping a large number of people from coughing.“

—  Ralph Richardson English actor 1902 - 1983

Ralph Richardson, reported in Ashton Applewhite; Tripp Evans, Andrew Frothingham (2003). And I Quote: The Definitive Collection of Quotes, Sayings, and Jokes for the Contemporary Speechmaker. Macmillan, p. 283. ISBN 0312307446.

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„In art as in love, instinct is enough.“

—  Anatole France French writer 1844 - 1924

En art comme en amour, l'instinct suffit.
Le Jardin d'Épicure [The Garden of Epicurus] (1894)

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„Even the most blockheaded bureaucrat,
Provided he loves peace,
Is a greater lover of the arts
Than any so-called art-lover
Who loves the arts of war.“

—  Bertolt Brecht German poet, playwright, theatre director 1898 - 1956

"Freedom for Whom", as translated in Brecht on Brecht : An Improvisation (1967) by George Tabori, p. 18
Контексте: Firebugs dragging their gasoline bottles
Are approaching the Academy of Arts, with a grin.
And so, instead of embracing them, Let us demand the freedom of the elbow
To knock the bottles out of their filthy hands.
Even the most blockheaded bureaucrat,
Provided he loves peace,
Is a greater lover of the arts
Than any so-called art-lover
Who loves the arts of war.

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„So I say, if you cannot learn to love real art; at least learn to hate sham art and reject it.“

—  William Morris author, designer, and craftsman 1834 - 1896

Speech, London (10 March 1880).
Контексте: Simplicity of life, even the barest, is not a misery, but the very foundation of refinement: a sanded floor and whitewashed walls, and the green trees, and flowery meads, and living waters outside; or a grimy palace amid the smoke with a regiment of housemaids always working to smear the dirt together so that it may be unnoticed; which, think you, is the most refined, the most fit for a gentleman of those two dwellings?
So I say, if you cannot learn to love real art; at least learn to hate sham art and reject it. It is not because the wretched thing is so ugly and silly and useless that I ask you to cast it from you; it is much more because these are but the outward symbols of the poison that lies within them; look through them and see all that has gone to their fashioning, and you will see how vain labour, and sorrow, and disgrace have been their companions from the first — and all this for trifles that no man really needs!

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„Love, like medicine, is only the art of encouraging nature.“

—  Pierre Choderlos de Laclos, книга Les Liaisons dangereuses

L'amour est, comme la médecine, seulement l'art d'aider à la nature.
Letter 10: La Marquise de Merteuil to le Vicomte de Valmont. Trans. P.W.K. Stone (1961). http://fr.wikisource.org/wiki/Les_Liaisons_dangereuses_-_Lettre_10
Les liaisons dangereuses (1782)

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„The desire to be loved is really death when it comes to art.“

—  David Cronenberg Canadian film director, screenwriter and actor 1943

As quoted in "interview with Canadian Broadcasting Corporation/CBC Radio program Q," http://www.cbc.ca/q/blog/2012/06/07/david-cronenberg-on-cosmopolis/ (7 June 2012)

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„Life isn't long enough for love and art.“

—  W. Somerset Maugham, книга The Moon and Sixpence

Источник: The Moon and Sixpence (1919), Ch. 21, p. 80

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