„I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else. After all, what is a painter? He is a collector who gets what he likes in others by painting them himself. This is how I begin and then it becomes something else.“

— Пабло Пикассо, Quoted in: Ann Livermore (1988), Artists and Aesthetics in Spain. p. 154

Пабло Пикассо фото
Пабло Пикассо89
испанский художник, скульптор и график 1881 - 1973

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„I have to paint fast on television because of the limited time, but I don't want people to see what I'm showing them as work, something to worry and fret over. This is supposed to be fun.“

— Bob Ross American painter, art instructor, and television host 1942 - 1995
Judi Hunt (November 23, 1991) "Disciples of The Bob Ross Technique Find Joy in Learning They Can Paint", The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, p. C1.

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