„I've always been happy with you," he said. "But I never thought I deserved it."
"And now you do?"
"And now the feeling's gone," he said. "All I know is that I love you and for the first time, that's good enough.“

—  Кассандра Клэр, The City of Lost Souls

Источник: City of Lost Souls

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Кассандра Клэр1
американский подростковый прозаик 1973

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„I love you," he said.
"I don't say it often enough. I love you.“

—  Cassandra Clare, книга City of Heavenly Fire

Вариант: I love you too, he said. God, I love you, Isabelle.
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„I've been looking for you a long time, I just didn't know it. But now I do.“

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„" he said. "I love you. Always.“

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„I shot up, now as angry and frusterated as him. I had a feeling if i stayed, we'd both snap. In and undertone, I murmured,"this isnt over. i won't give up on you."
" I've given up on you,"he said back, voice also soft. "Love fades. Mine has.“

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In an undertone, I murmured, "This isn't over. I won't give up on you."
"I've given up on you," he said back, voice also soft. "Love fades. Mine has.
Источник: Spirit Bound

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