„Everyone must dream. We dream to give ourselves hope. To stop dreaming - well, that's like saying you can never change your fate. Isn't that true?“


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„If you can dream it, you can do it. Never give up on your dreams.“

—  John Basedow TV Health and Fitness Personality

„Don't stop chasing your dreams, because dreams comes true.“

—  Sachin Tendulkar A former Indian cricketer from India and one of the greatest cricketers ever seen in the world 1973
Dream it. Wish it. Do it. http://www.storypick.com/quotes-by-tendulkar/


„No longer dream that human prayer
The will of Fate can overbear.“

—  John Conington British classical scholar 1825 - 1869
p. 202

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„You have to dream before your dreams can come true.“

—  A. P. J. Abdul Kalam 11th President of India, scientist and science administrator 1931 - 2015
p. 112.

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„Nothing is as real as a dream. The world can change around you, but your dream will not.“

—  Tom Clancy American author 1947 - 2013
Context: Nothing is as real as a dream. The world can change around you, but your dream will not. Your life may change, but your dream doesn't have to. Responsibilities need not erase it. Duties need not obscure it. Your spouse and children need not get in its way, because the dream is within you. No one can take your dream away. As quoted in Writers (1995) Published by A. Deutsch

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„I'd rather look forward and dream, than look backward and regret.“

—  James Van Praagh, Unfinished Business: What the Dead Can Teach Us About Life