„For most of us the problem isn’t that we aim too high and fail - it’s just the opposite - we aim too low and succeed.“


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„A problem thoroughly understood is always fairly simple. Found your opinions on facts, not prejudices. We know too many things that are not true.“

—  Charles Kettering American inventor, engineer, businessman, and the holder of 140 patents 1876 - 1958
As quoted in Dynamic Work Simplification (1971) by W. Clements Zinck, p. 122

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„Actually, the problem in the world is that there are too many rich people.“

—  Paul R. Ehrlich American scientist and environmentalist 1932
Americans plunder planet? http://news.google.com/newspapers?id=TjAcAAAAIBAJ&sjid=KHoEAAAAIBAJ&pg=6924,333924&hl=en, Associated Press, April 6, 1990.

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