„Love is such a magic thing. It can make you feel like your floating in the clouds without a trouble in the world.“

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Lois Gladys Leppard1
American writer 1924 - 2008

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„No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.“

—  Eleanor Roosevelt, This is My Story
Sometimes claimed to appear in her book This is My Story, but in The Quote Verifier by Ralph Keyes (2006), Keyes writes on p. 97 that "Bartlett's and other sources say her famous quotation can be found in This is My Story, Roosevelt's 1937 autobiography. It can't. Quotographer Rosalie Maggio scoured that book and many others by and about Roosevelt in search of this line, without success. In their own extensive searching, archivists at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library in Hyde Park, New York, have not been able to find the quotation in This Is My Story or any other writing by the First Lady. A discussion of some of the earliest known attributions of this quote to Roosevelt, which may be a paraphrase from an interview, can be found in this entry from Quote Investigator http://quoteinvestigator.com/2011/03/30/not-inferior/.

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„Feel we these things? — that moment have we stept
Into a sort of oneness, and our state
Is like a floating spirit's.“

—  John Keats English Romantic poet 1795 - 1821
Context: Ghosts of melodious prophesyings rave Round every spot where trod Apollo's foot; Bronze clarions awake, and faintly bruit, Where long ago a giant battle was; And, from the turf, a lullaby doth pass In every place where infant Orpheus slept. Feel we these things? — that moment have we stept Into a sort of oneness, and our state Is like a floating spirit's. But there are Richer entanglements, enthralments far More self-destroying, leading, by degrees, To the chief intensity: the crown of these Is made of love and friendship, and sits high Upon the forehead of humanity. Bk. I, l. 789

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„France is the only place where you can make love in the afternoon without people hammering on your door.“

—  Barbara Cartland English writer and media personality 1901 - 2000
The Guardian (London, Dec. 24, 1984) http://pqasb.pqarchiver.com/guardian/doc/186552723.html

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