„Relax. You're in good hands. Tabby wont hurt you.

She stabbed me!

Damn! I told her not to stab any more Hunters. I hate it when she does that.“

Источник: Seize the Night

Последнее обновление 3 июня 2021 г. История
Шеррилин Кеньон фото
Шеррилин Кеньон
Писатель 1965

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„Look outside the window, there's a woman being grabbed
They've dragged her to the bushes and now she's being stabbed“

—  Phil Ochs American protest singer and songwriter 1940 - 1976

"Outside Of A Small Circle Of Friends" http://web.cecs.pdx.edu/~trent/ochs/lyrics/small-circle-of-friends.html
Pleasures of the Harbor (1967)
Контексте: Look outside the window, there's a woman being grabbed
They've dragged her to the bushes and now she's being stabbed
Maybe we should call the cops and try to stop the pain
But Monopoly is so much fun, I'd hate to blow the game
And I'm sure it wouldn't interest anybody
Outside of a small circle of friends.

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„Oh my god, you stabbed her! You killed her! HELP! HE KILLED HER! HE STABBED HER WITH A KITCHEN KNIFE!“

—  Markiplier American YouTuber and Internet personality 1989

…I'm very sorry."
Video game commentary, Calm Time (November 23, 2013)
Источник: Calm Time | MOST DISTURBING GAME, Markiplier, wikipedia:Markiplier, November 23, 2013, YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQQLZ6mRyrE,

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„If she's amazing, she won't be easy. If she's easy, she won't be amazing. If she's worth it, you wont give up. If you give up, you're not worthy…. Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.“

—  Bob Marley Jamaican singer, songwriter, musician 1945 - 1981

Вариант: If she's amazing, she won't be easy. If she's easy, she won't be amazing. If she's worth it, you wont give up. If you give up, you're not worthy. ... Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.
Источник: Guitar Chord Songbook - Bob Marley

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„There is nothing more painful in the world than Aly when she makes her big eyes. She makes her big hurt eyes, there's nothing you can do. She just kills you.“

—  Joss Whedon American director, writer, and producer for television and film 1964

DVD commentary for Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode 2-14 "Innocence"

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