„I’m here because I know the sadness inside you. I know what it feels like to wake in the morning, lost and lonely and aching for someone to be there with me. (Sebastian)“

Источник: Dragonswan

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Шеррилин Кеньон
Писатель 1965

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„Every morning
I wake up with the news
of bloodshed.
I feel my body,
desperate to know whether
I’m still alive.“

—  Suman Pokhrel Nepali poet, lyricist, playwright, translator and artist 1967

<span class="plainlinks"> Every Morning http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/every-morning-7/</span>
From Poetry

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„You know what? When someone does that for me, it makes me feel really good. It's like you're important.“

—  Anne Murray Canadian singer 1945

Regarding the people meeting Murray at the grocery store to ask how her career's going.
The Globe and Mail interview (2017)

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„As much as I feel sad, I think that not knowing is what really bothers me.“

—  Stephen Chbosky, книга The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Источник: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

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„You say you wake up
In the morning
Feeling used
Like a fallen angel
Tired and bruised
It's got you feeling
So insane
More dead than alive
Love's got you stained
On the inside“

—  Traci Lords American mainstream and pornographic actress, producer, film director, writer and singer 1968

Fallen Angel, written by Traci Lords, Ben Watkins, and Johann Bley
Song lyrics, 1000 Fires (1995)

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„Not sad because you lost me
But sad because you thought it was cool to be sad“

—  Dido English singer-songwriter 1971

See You When You're 40
Song lyrics, Life for Rent (2003)

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