„What girls do to each other is beyond description. No Chinese torture comes close.“

Тори Эймос фото
Тори Эймос1
американская певица, пианистка, композитор и автор песен 1963

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„This gorgeous Chinese girl gets up and I fell in love instantly.“

—  Jack Layton Leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada 1950 - 2011
On meeting Olivia Chow for the first time in 1985, May 2003.

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„What little girls learn is not the desire for the other, but the desire to be desired.“

—  Naomi Wolf American writer 1962
Context: The books and films they see survey from the young boy's point of view his first touch of a girl's thighs, his first glimpse of her breasts. The girls sit listening, absorbing, their familiar breasts estranged as if they were not part of their bodies, their thighs crossed self-consciously, learning how to leave their bodies and watch them from the outside. Since their bodies are seen from the point of view of strangeness and desire, it is no wonder that what should be familiar, felt to be whole, becomes estranged and divided into parts. What little girls learn is not the desire for the other, but the desire to be desired. Girls learn to watch their sex along with the boys; that takes up the space that should be devoted to finding out about what they are wanting, and reading and writing about it, seeking it and getting it. Chapter 5 : 'Sex', p. 157

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