„Language is courage: the ability to conceive a thought, to speak it, and by doing so to make it true.“

Салман Рушди фото
Салман Рушди2
британский писатель 1947

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„Do you believe in miracles?“

—  Federico Buffa, Riferita ai 13 punti in 35 secondi messi a segno da Tracy McGrady in Rockets-Spurs 9 dicembre 2004]

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„The ability to speak does not make you intelligent.“

—  George Lucas American film producer 1944

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„Our exclusive dependence on rational thought and language has obscured our natural ability to sense the flow of energy.“

—  Ilchi Lee, Brain Wave Vibration: Getting Back Into the Rhythm of a Happy, Healthy Life

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„True courage scorns
To vent her prowess in a storm of words;
And, to the valiant, actions speak alone.“

—  Tobias Smollett 18th-century poet and author from Scotland 1721 - 1771
Act II, scene vii.


„The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.“

—  Hans Hofmann American artist 1880 - 1966
As quoted in Zen and the Art of Stand-up Comedy (1998) by Jay Sankey

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„They certainly are not great writers, but they speak their country's language and they make themselves heard.“

—  Alexis De Tocqueville French political thinker and historian 1805 - 1859
Book One, Chapter XIII.

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„If I do not speak in a language that can be understood there is little chance for a dialogue.“

—  Bell Hooks American author, feminist, and social activist 1952

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„True courage is being afraid, and going ahead and doing your job.“

—  Norman Schwarzkopf United States Army general 1934 - 2012
As quoted in Pocket Patriot : Quotes from American Heroes (2005) by Kelly Nickell, p. 53

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John Ronald Reuel Tolkien фото

„"I wish life was not so short," he thought. "Languages take such a time, and so do all the things one wants to know about."“

—  John Ronald Reuel Tolkien British philologist and author, creator of classic fantasy works 1892 - 1973
"Alboin Errol", in The Lost Road (1987). Compare this with "The lyf so short, the craft so longe to lerne" by Geoffrey Chaucer