„When two people relate to each other authentically and humanly, God is the electricity that surges between them.“

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Мартин Бубер фото
Мартин Бубер2
еврейский философ 1878 - 1965

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Brené Brown фото

„When two people relate to each other authentically and humanly, God is the electricity that surges between them.“

—  Brené Brown US writer and professor 1965

Источник: Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead

Rainer Maria Rilke фото

„I hold this to be the highest task of a bond between two people: that each should stand guard over the solitude of the other.“

—  Rainer Maria Rilke, книга Letters to a Young Poet

Источник: Letters to a Young Poet

„The strongest relationships are between two people who can live without each other but don't want to.“

—  Harriet Lerner American psychologist 1944

Источник: Marriage Rules: A Manual for the Married and the Coupled Up

Rudolph Rummel фото

„The less free the people within any two nations are, the bloodier and more destructive the war between them; the greater their freedom, the less likely such wars occur. Free people do not make war on each other.“

—  Rudolph Rummel American academic 1932 - 2014

Источник: The Blue Book of Freedom: Ending Famine, Poverty, Democide, and War (2007), p. 14

Willy Brandt фото

„Even though two states in Germany exist, they are not foreign countries to each other—their relations with each other can only be of a special kind.“

—  Willy Brandt German social-democratic politician; Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany 1913 - 1992

Auch wenn zwei Staaten in Deutschland existieren, sind sie doch füreinander nicht Ausland; ihre Beziehungen zueinander können nur von besonderer Art sein.
government policy statement on 28 October 1969, p. 2, bwbs.de http://www.bwbs.de/UserFiles/File/PDF/Regierungserklaerung691028.pdf (PDF file).

Henry James фото

„When it's for each other that people give things up they don't miss them.“

—  Henry James, книга The Ambassadors

Book VI, ch. III
The Ambassadors (1903)

John Steinbeck фото

„When two people meet, each one is changed by the other so you got two new people. Maybe that means — hell, it's complicated.“

—  John Steinbeck, книга The Winter of Our Discontent

The Winter of Our Discontent (1961), unplaced by chapter

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Elizabeth Blackwell фото
Wu Po-hsiung фото

„It is not a country-to-country relation between the two sides of the Strait.“

—  Wu Po-hsiung Taiwanese politician 1939

Hu reiterates opposition to Taiwan independence (2012)

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Carsten Jensen фото

„Two drowning people can't save each other. All they can do is drag each other down.“

—  Carsten Jensen Danish author and political columnist 1952

Источник: We, the Drowned

Fiona Wood фото

„We look at each other with shy relief. It's the look two odd socks give when they recognise each other in the wild.“

—  Fiona Wood British–Australian physician and plastic surgeon 1958

Источник: Six Impossible Things

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Abby Sunderland фото

„When I saw the plane, I was absolutely astonished! Two emotions crashed over me: surging joy and crazy fear.“

—  Abby Sunderland Camera Assistant, Inspirational Speaker and Sailor 1993

Источник: Unsinkable: A Young Woman's Courageous Battle on the High Seas (2011), p. 176-177

Tony Benn фото

„When you think of the number of men in the world who hate each other, why, when two men love each other, does the church split?“

—  Tony Benn British Labour Party politician 1925 - 2014

On the same-sex marriage controversy in the Church of England.
"Tony Benn: The glorious revolutionary" http://www.journal-online.co.uk/article/3082-tony-benn-the-glorious-revolutionary, The Journal (26 March 2008).

Jenny Han фото

„If two people are meant to be, they'll find their way to each other.“

—  Jenny Han, книга P.S. I Still Love You

Источник: P.S. I Still Love You

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