„If it weren't for the last minute, nothing would get done.“

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„If thou weren't more a lass than a lad, I'd fell thee this minute, I would; pitiful lath of a crater!“

—  Emily Brontë, книга Wuthering Heights

Hareton Earnshaw to Linton Heathcliff (Ch. XXI).
Wuthering Heights (1847)

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„Nothing ever gets done unless it's done by a fanatic.“

—  Martin Sheen American actor 1940

2000s, AARP magazine interview (2008)
Контексте: When a life is at stake and it's your child, you become fearless in a lot of ways. I mean, you jut become fanatic. Nothing ever gets done unless it's done by a fanatic.

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„If people did not sometimes do silly things, nothing intelligent would ever get done.“

—  Ludwig Wittgenstein Austrian-British philosopher 1889 - 1951

Вариант: If people never did silly things nothing intelligent would ever get done.
Источник: Culture and Value (1980), p. 50e

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„But life is just a party, and parties weren't meant to last.“

—  Prince American pop, songwriter, musician and actor 1958 - 2016

Song lyrics, 1999 (1982)
Источник: 1999 (Piano/Vocal/Guitar)
Контексте: I was dreamin' when I wrote this
So sue me if I go 2 fast.
But life is just a party, and parties weren't meant 2 last.
War is all around us, my mind says prepare 2 fight
So if I gotta die I'm gonna listen 2 my body tonight.Yeah, they say two thousand zero zero party over,
oops out of time
So tonight I'm gonna party like it's 1999.

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„Jack: These last 2 miles were rugged, weren't they?“

—  Jack Benny comedian, vaudeville performer, and radio, television, and film actor 1894 - 1974

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„If you get beyond the political rhetoric [and assembled a group to solve Social Security] it would take them 15 minutes. It would take them 15 minutes only because 10 minutes was used for pleasantries.“

—  Alan Greenspan 13th Chairman of the Federal Reserve in the United States 1926

Speech to the Commercial Finance Association on October 26, 2006, as reported by the Associated Press ( "Finally, Greenspan can speak his mind" http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/15428994/ns/business-us_business/t/finally-greenspan-can-speak-his-mind/).

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Terry Pratchett фото
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„Life would be tragic if it weren't funny.“

—  Stephen Hawking British theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author 1942 - 2018

As quoted in "The Science of Second-Guessing", The New York Times (12 December 2004)

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„The last thing I would say is that you can achieve a lot of things in politics and get a lot of things done; in the end, public service and the national interest is what it is all about. Nothing is really impossible if you put your mind to it. After all, as I once said, I was the future once.“

—  David Cameron Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 1966

Last statement to the House of Commons as Prime Minister, ending by paraphrasing his 2005 comment to Tony Blair, "he was the future once" (July 13, 2016), see Hansard https://hansard.parliament.uk/Commons/2016-07-13/debates/4A1B874C-54B5-4BEF-8D79-AFA264A78068/Engagements#contribution-E7A04179-9154-4077-87DF-1642C1BD3B4D
2010s, 2016

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