„Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave.“

— Фредерик Дуглас


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„A man of knowledge lives by acting, not by thinking about acting... Thus a man of knowledge sweats and puffs and if one looks at him he is just like an ordinary man, except that the folly of his life is under his control.“

— Carlos Castaneda Peruvian-American author 1925 - 1998
Carlos Castaneda (1971) Separate Reality: Conversations With Don Juan. p. 85; As cited in: Eugene Dupuis (2001) Time Shift: Managing Time to Create a Life You Love. Ch. 5: Self Management

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„Never mistake knowledge for wisdom. One helps you make a living; the other helps you make a life.“

— Eleanor Roosevelt American politician, diplomat, and activist, and First Lady of the United States 1884 - 1962

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„Character, not circumstances, makes the man.“

— Booker T. Washington African-American educator, author, orator, and advisor 1856 - 1915
"Democracy and Education" http://web.archive.org/20071031084046/www.historycooperative.org/btw/Vol.4/html/222.html, speech, Institute of Arts and Sciences, Brooklyn NY (30 September 1896)

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„Knowledge is not for knowing: knowledge is for cutting.“

— Michel Foucault, The Foucault Reader: An Introduction to Foucault's Thought

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„Of all the knowledge that we can ever obtain, the knowledge of God, and the knowledge of ourselves, are the most important.“

— Jonathan Edwards, A careful & strict inquiry into the modern prevailing notions of that freedom of the will, which is supposed to be essential to moral agency, virtue & vice, reward & punishment, praise & blame...

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„Love follows knowledge.“

— Thomas Aquinas Italian Dominican scholastic philosopher of the Roman Catholic Church 1225 - 1274

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„Knowledge is the conformity of the object and the intellect.“

—  Averroes Medieval Arab scholar and philosopher 1126 - 1198
Attributed to Averroes, in: John Bartlett (1968) Familiar Qutations. p. 155

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