„Children are not less intelligent than adults; what they are is less informed.“

Пулман, Филип фото
Пулман, Филип
английский писатель 1946

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„Women must earn less than men because they are weaker, smaller and less intelligent. They must earn less, that's all.“

—  Janusz Korwin-Mikke polish politician 1942

Источник: EU Parliament, 03 March 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNs_nn_qBIQ

„We should be less concerned about the missile gap than the intelligence gap... less worried about the missile race than the intelligence race.“

—  Max Lerner American journalist and educator 1902 - 1992

Quoted in Max Lerner, Writer, 89, Is Dead; Humanist on Political Barricades By Richard Severo, The New York Times, https://www.nytimes.com/1992/06/06/arts/max-lerner-writer-89-is-dead-humanist-on-political-barricades.html (6 June 1992)

A.S. Neill фото

„You cannot make children learn music or anything else without to some degree converting them into will-less adults.“

—  A.S. Neill, книга Summerhill

Источник: Summerhill (1960), p. 12
Контексте: You cannot make children learn music or anything else without to some degree converting them into will-less adults. You fashion them into accepters of the status quo – a good thing for a society that needs obedient sitters at dreary desks, standers in shops, mechanical catchers of the 8:30 suburban train – a society, in short, that is carried on the shabby shoulders of the scared little man – the scared-to-death conformist.

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„Darwin believed that women were not as competent as men, and less intelligent than men, but they were better than a dog.“

—  Ray Comfort New Zealand-born Christian minister and evangelist 1949

The Origin of Species: 150th Anniversary Edition (2009)

„In their sympathies, children feel nearer animals than adults.“

—  Jessamyn West American author 1902 - 1984

The Life I Really Lived, part 1 (1979)
Контексте: In their sympathies, children feel nearer animals than adults. They frolic with animals, caress them, share with them feelings neither has words for. Have they ever stroked any adult with the love they bestow on a cat? Hugged any grownup with the ecstasy they feel when clasping a puppy?

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Joe Biden фото

„It required a lot less energy, intelligence, and competence to run against government than to try to make government work.“

—  Joe Biden 47th Vice President of the United States (in office from 2009 to 2017) 1942

Page 134
2000s, Promises to Keep (2008)

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François Bernier фото

„The children of the third and fourth generation (of Uzbegs, Persians, Arabs and Turks)… are held in much less respect than the newcomers.“

—  François Bernier French physician and traveller 1620 - 1688

Lal, K. S. (1992). The legacy of Muslim rule in India. New Delhi: Aditya Prakashan. Chapter 5
Travels in the Mogul Empire (1656-1668)

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