„The role of the 'representational arts' - painting, sculpture, and even architecture…. has ended, as it is no longer necessary for the consciousness of our age, and everything art has to offer can simply be classified as a throwback.“

Quote, c. 1921; from Lyubov' Popova, in 'Commentary on Drawings', trans. ed. James West, in Art Into Life: Russian Constructivism, 1914-1932; catalogue for exhibition Rizzoli, New York: 1990, p. 69 (Popova's original text, in the Manuscript Division, State Tretiakov Gallery, Moscow, f. 148, ed. khr. 17, 1. 4.)

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Piet Mondrian фото

„Art will not only continue but will realise itself more and more. By the unification of architecture, sculpture and painting a new plastic reality will be created.“

—  Piet Mondrian Peintre Néerlandais 1872 - 1944

quote, 1937; last lines of Mondrian's publication in 'Circle'; as cited in Abstract Art, Anna Moszynska; Thames and Hudson, London 1990, p. 117

Samuel Taylor Coleridge фото

„Now Art, used collectively for painting, sculpture, architecture and music, is the mediatress between, and reconciler of, nature and man.“

—  Samuel Taylor Coleridge English poet, literary critic and philosopher 1772 - 1834

On Poesy or Art (1818)
Контексте: Now Art, used collectively for painting, sculpture, architecture and music, is the mediatress between, and reconciler of, nature and man. It is, therefore, the power of humanizing nature, of infusing the thoughts and passions of man into everything which is the object of his contemplation.

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„The final purpose of art is to intensify, even, if necessary, to exacerbate, the moral consciousness of people.“

—  Norman Mailer American novelist, journalist, essayist, playwright, film maker, actor and political candidate 1923 - 2007

"Hip, Hell, and the Navigator" in Western Review No. 23 (Winter 1959); republished in Conversations with Norman Mailer (1988) edited by J. Michael Lennon.

„Art is the concrete representation of our most subtle feelings. That's the end“

—  Agnes Martin American artist 1912 - 2004

of the interview
1980 - 2000, Perfection Is in the Mind', 1995

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„The notion of style has long been the art historian's principal mode of classifying works of art. By style he selects and shapes the history of art.“

—  George Kubler American art historian 1912 - 1996

George Kubler summarizing the view of Meyer Schapiro (with whom he disagrees), quoted by Alpers in Lang, Berel (ed.), The Concept of Style, 1987, Ithaca: Cornell University Press, ISBN 0801494397

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„What is video art? How does it differ from commercial television? Is video art linked to such traditional art forms as painting and sculpture? Is it a totally new phenomenon?“

—  Gregory Battcock 1937 - 1980

Gregory Battcock. New Artists’ Video, an anthology, (1978) p. xiii. Introduction:
Listing of the several general questions to which video art gave rise to in those days.

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„Proun is the the Step-over from the art of painting to Architecture [original text in German:] (Umsteige-station von Malerei nach Architectur).“

—  El Lissitsky Soviet artist, designer, photographer, teacher, typographer and architect 1890 - 1941

quote, 1925: in 'Kunstismen' ('Artisms', art magazine published by Lissitzky and Hans Arp, 1925); as quoted in: Richtingen in de Hedendaagsche schilderkunst (Trends in the Present Day Art of Painting), Jacob Bendien; W.L & J. Brusse N.V. Rotterdam, 1935 (transl: Anne Porcelijn), p. 99
1915 - 1925

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„There are many ways to practice and make art. There are also various ways to express, such as comedy, sculpture, music, painting etc. Dimensions can be immense even in such small spaces as the head of a pin.“

—  Eugenio Cruz Vargas Chilean poet and painter 1923 - 2014

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