„Feminists might identify with me because I'm unapologetic in what they think is a male-dominated world … no, I guess, what is a male-dominated world.“

—  Люси Лоулесс, Mike O'Neill (July 26, 1996) "Someone strong", The Tampa Tribune, p. 2.
Люси Лоулесс фото
Люси Лоулесс1
новозеландская певица и актриса 1968

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„Moviemaking is so male-dominated now that they think they’re being pro-feminine when they have women punching each other out.“

—  Pauline Kael American film critic 1919 - 2001
Interview with Susan Goodman, Modern Maturity (March/April 1998).


„We don't have a clue what it is to be male or female, or if there are intermediate genders. Male and female might be fields which overlap into androgyny or different kinds of sexual desires. But because we live in a Western, patriarchal world, we have very little chance of exploring these gender possibilities.“

—  Kathy Acker American novelist, playwright, essayist, and poet 1947 - 1997
As quoted in "Eve Experts" at Real World Multimedia (2004) https://web.archive.org/web/20040318235408/http://www.realworldmultimedia.com/legacy/eve/info/experts/k_acker.html

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„Male domination is so rooted in our collective unconscious that we no longer even see it.“

—  Pierre Bourdieu French sociologist, anthropologist, and philosopher 1930 - 2002
(1998), " On male domination http://mondediplo.com/1998/10/10bourdieu" Le Monde Diplomatique, Oct. 10, 1998

„These differences can make it difficult for female musicians to enter male-dominated musical cultures.“

—  Holly Kruse
Holly Kruse (1999). Key Terms in Popular Music and Culture, pg. 94. Malden, Massachusetts. .

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