„A fuzzy set is a class of objects with a continuum of grades of membership. Such a set is characterized by a membership (characteristic) function which assigns to each object a grade of membership ranging between zero and one. The notions of inclusion, union, intersection, complement, relation, convexity, etc., are extended to such sets, and various properties of these notions in the context of fuzzy sets are established. In particular, a separation theorem for convex fuzzy sets is proved without requiring that the fuzzy sets be disjoint.“

p. 338
1960s, Fuzzy sets (1965)

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Лотфи Заде1
американский математик и логик азербайджанского происхожден… 1921 - 2017

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„A frequent source of misunderstanding has to do with the interpretation of fuzzy logic. The problem is that the term fuzzy logic has two different meanings. More specifically, in a narrow sense, fuzzy logic, FLn, is a logical system which may be viewed as an extension and generalization of classical multivalued logics. But in a wider sense, fuzzy logic, FLw is almost synonymous with the theory of fuzzy sets.“

—  Lotfi A. Zadeh Electrical engineer and computer scientist 1921 - 2017

In this context, what is important to recognize is that: (a) FL<sub>w</sub> is much broader than FL<sub>n</sub> and subsumes FL<sub>n</sub> as one of its branches; (b) the agenda of FL<sub>n</sub> is very different from the agendas of classical multivalued logics; and (c) at this juncture, the term fuzzy logic is usually used in its wide rather than narrow sense, effectively equating fuzzy logic with FL<sub>w</sub>
Zadeh (1995) in Foreword of George J. Klir Fuzzy sets and fuzzy logic: theory and applications.

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„Most biologists," (says Vogel, 1981) "seem to have heard of the boundary layer, but they have a fuzzy notion that it is a discrete region, rather than the discrete notion that it is a fuzzy region.“

—  Bill Mollison Australian permaculturist 1928 - 2016

chapter 4.4
quoting Vogel, Steven, Life in Moving Fluids; the Physical Biology of Flow, Willard Grant Press, Boston, 1981.
Permaculture: A Designers' Manual (1988)

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„It seems clear that [set theory] violates against the essence of the continuum, which, by its very nature, cannot at all be battered into a single set of elements. Not the relationship of an element to a set, but of a part to a whole ought to be taken as a basis for the analysis of a continuum.“

—  Hermann Weyl German mathematician 1885 - 1955

Riemanns geometrische Ideen, ihre Auswirkungen und ihre Verknüpfung mit der Gruppentheorie (1925), as quoted/translated by Erhard Scholz, "Philosophy as a Cultural Resource and Medium of Reflection for Hermann Weyl" (2004)

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„A class is a set of objects that share a common structure and a common behavior“

—  Grady Booch American software engineer 1955

p. 513
Object-oriented design: With Applications, (1991)

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„In the measurement world, you set a goal and strive for it. In the universe of possibility, you set the context and let life unfold.“

—  Benjamin Zander, The Art of Possibility: Transforming Professional and Personal Life

Источник: The Art of Possibility: Transforming Professional and Personal Life

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„A manager sets objectives - A manager organizes - A manager motivates and communicates - A manager, by establishing yardsticks, measures“

—  Peter F. Drucker American business consultant 1909 - 2005

A manager develops people.
p. 344
1930s- 1950s, The Practice of Management (1954)

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„Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam egestas wisi a erat. Morbi imperdiet, mauris ac auctor dictum.“