„During this period I was able to carry out only one project of real interest to me. Pure Oil was a fully integrated oil company in the sense that they engaged in exploration for oil, construction of oil wells, production of crude oil, transportation to refineries, distribution of refinery products to company owned storage facilities and to gas stations. We developed a linear programming model of the whole network hoping to discover the optimum allocation to and from connected nodes in order to meet required deliveries at minimum cost. Then we collected all the data needed by our model and ran the model. The computations took several days and the results were disappointing: The optimum allocations were not significantly different from their current practices. Is it possible that we had discovered a system of human beings in which everyone knew the payoff functions and constraints, and, over time, had evolved behavior patterns that enabled them to achieve near optimum performance? Or was it possible that our model was not detailed enough as it was based so closely on current practice that no new behavior could emerge? Or was our data incorrect? This was disappointing but great experience.“

Systems Movement: Autobiographical Retrospectives (2004)

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A. Wayne Wymore фото
A. Wayne Wymore13
American mathematician 1927 - 2011

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A. Wayne Wymore фото

„After earning the PhD degree and acquiring some relatively extensive experience in digital computers… It was time to leave the University. The result of an extensive search for the right job was a family move to Arlington Heights, Illinois, where it was a short commute to the Research Laboratories of the Pure Oil Company at Crystal Lake. I was given the title of Mathematical and Computer Consultant. The Labs were set in a beautiful campus, the professional personnel were eager to learn what I had to teach and to include me in many interesting projects where my knowledge and skills could be put to good use. I was encouraged to initiate my own program of research. I went to work with enthusiasm.
The corporate headquarters of Pure Oil were located in down town Chicago. Pure Oil had been trying to install an IBM 705 computer system for all their accounting needs including calculation of all data necessary for the management of exploration, drilling, refining and distribution of oil products and even royalties to shareholders in oil wells. Typical for those early days, the programming team was in deep difficulties and needed help; they lacked adequate resources and suitable training. The Executive Vice President of Pure Oil, when he heard that there was a computer expert already on the payroll at the Crystal Lake lab, ended our family blissful dream and I was reassigned to the down town office.“

—  A. Wayne Wymore American mathematician 1927 - 2011

Systems Movement: Autobiographical Retrospectives (2004)

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„Now the salient characteristic of the decision tools employed in management science is that they have to be capable of actually making or recommending decisions, taking as their inputs the kinds of empirical data that are available in the real world, and performing only such computations as can reasonably be performed by existing desk calculators or, a little later electronic computers. For these domains, idealized models of optimizing entrepreneurs, equipped with complete certainty about the world - or, a worst, having full probability distributions for uncertain events - are of little use. Models have to be fashioned with an eye to practical computability, no matter how severe the approximations and simplifications that are thereby imposed on them…
The first is to retain optimization, but to simplify sufficiently so that the optimum (in the simplified world!) is computable. The second is to construct satisficing models that provide good enough decisions with reasonable costs of computation. By giving up optimization, a richer set of properties of the real world can be retained in the models… Neither approach, in general, dominates the other, and both have continued to co-exist in the world of management science.“

—  Herbert A. Simon American political scientist, economist, sociologist, and psychologist 1916 - 2001

Источник: 1960s-1970s, "Rational decision making in business organizations", Nobel Memorial Lecture 1978, p. 498; As cited in: Arjang A. Assad, ‎Saul I. Gass (2011) Profiles in Operations Research: Pioneers and Innovators. p. 260-1.

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„All too often, a successful new business model becomes the business model for companies not creative enough to invent their own.“

—  Gary Hamel American management expert 1954

Источник: Leading the Revolution, 2002, p. 46

„Earth had always operated on a continuous-growth model that requires a poverty class. Sustainable models require productive work by all members and are quite different.“

—  Sheri S. Tepper American fiction writer 1929 - 2016

Источник: The Margarets (2007), Chapter 32, “I Am Gretamara/On Mars” (p. 272)

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„We spend our midday sweat, our midnight oil;
We tire the night in thought, the day in toil.“

—  Francis Quarles English poet 1592 - 1644

Book II, no. 2.
Emblems (1635)

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„…talking as though the Standard Oil Company was the smallest thing he owned.“

—  Addison Mizner American architect 1872 - 1933

From his sketchbook

„Investing in infrastructure is key. If we can create a revenue base outside oil, we will be less exposed to the volatility of crude prices.“

—  Kemi Adeosun Nigerian accountant, investment banker and politician (born 1967) 1967

Источник: https://oxfordbusinessgroup.com/interview/greater-accountability-obg-talks-kemi-adeosun-minister-finance Kemi Adeosun interview with oxford business group.

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„The optimum population is modeled on the iceberg — eight ninths below the water line, one ninth above.“

—  Aldous Huxley, книга Brave New World

The Controller, Mustapha Mond, in Ch. 16
Источник: Brave New World (1932)

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