„I am just a copier, an impostor. I wait, I read magazines. After a while my brains send me a product… I am my brain's publisher.“

Attributed to Starck in: Wichert van Engelen (2007) Ideeėn genoeg. p. 25

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Pope Alexander VI фото

„I am coming; I am coming. It is just. But wait a little.“

—  Pope Alexander VI pope of the Catholic Church 1492-1503 1431 - 1503

Last words (August, 1503), as quoted in The Life of Cesare Borgia (1912) by Rafael Sabatini, Book IV The Bull Cadent, Chapter I: The Death of Alexander VI

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„Here in the hospital, I say,
that is not my body, not my body.
I am not here for the doctors
to read like a recipe.“

—  Anne Sexton poet from the United States 1928 - 1974

"August 17th" from Scorpio, Bad Spider, Die: The Horoscope Poems
Words for Dr. Y (1978)

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Mohammed VI of Morocco фото

„In Morocco, I am perfectly known. Moroccans know my character and my ideas, they know absolutely everything of me. This notion of mystery is entertained by some press: to sell, a label must be assigned. I was assigned this label of mystery, just because I decided that, before speaking, I will wait to better know.“

—  Mohammed VI of Morocco King of Morocco 1963

Original French: Au Maroc, on me connaît parfaitement. Les Marocains connaissent mon caractère et mes idées, ils savent absolument tout de moi. Cette notion de mystère est entretenue par une certaine presse : pour vendre, il faut mettre une étiquette. On m’a donc collé une étiquette, celle du mystère, simplement parce que j’ai décidé que, avant de parler, j’attendrais de mieux savoir.
Interview with Le Figaro–September 2001 http://www.maroc.ma/fr/discours-royaux/interview-accord%C3%A9e-par-sa-majest%C3%A9-le-roi-mohammed-vi-au-quotidien-fran%C3%A7ais-%C2%AB-le

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„When I die, my epitaph or whatever you call those signs on gravestones is going to read: "I joked about every prominent man of my time, but I never met a man I didn't like." I am so proud of that I can hardly wait to die so it can be carved. And when you come to my grave you will find me sitting there, proudly reading it.“

—  Will Rogers American humorist and entertainer 1879 - 1935

"One of his most famous and most quoted remarks. First printed in the Boston Globe, June 16, 1930, after he had attended Tremont Temple Baptist Church, where Dr. James W. Brougher was minister. He asked Will to say a few words after the sermon. The papers were quick to pick up the remark, and it stayed with him the rest of his life. He also said it on various other occasions" ~ Paula McSpadden Love <!-- (p. 167) -->
Variant: I joked about every prominent man in my lifetime, but I never met one I didn't like.
John D. [Rockefeller] sure carried out my old saying, “I never met a man I didn’t like.” Nationally syndicated column number 219, Rogers Gets Six Shiny Dimes From Oil King (1927).
The earliest dated citation of such a remark thus far found in research for Wikiquote is the one from 1926 about Leon Trotsky from the Saturday Evening Post (6 November 1926).

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George Gamow фото

„So I am just sitting and waiting, listening, and if something exciting comes, I just jump in.“

—  George Gamow Russian-American physicist and science writer 1904 - 1968

About the origin of his interest in biology in an "Interview with George Gamow", by Charles Weiner at Professor Gamow's home in Boulder, Colorado (25 April 1968)

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„I don't want to do something for the sake of it. I am prepared to wait. If I wait until I am buried, too bad.“

—  Michael Winner English film director, film producer, film editor and screenwriter 1935 - 2013

On regularly being asked to re-make Death Wish http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/5315068.stm.

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„I practice Spinoza, I read and read it again, and wait with longing for the fight over his corpse. I abstain from all judgment, but I confess that I am very much in agreement with Herder in these matters.“

—  Baruch Spinoza Dutch philosopher 1632 - 1677

Original in German: Ich übe mich an Spinoza, ich lese und lese ihn wieder, und erwarte mit Verlangen biß der Streit über seinen Leichnam losbrechen wird. Ich enthalte mich alles Urtheils doch bekenne ich, daß ich mit Herdern in diesen Materien sehr einverstanden bin.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, in one of his letters to Friedrich Heinrich Jacobi, 1785
G - L, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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„I am waiting for something to go wrong
I am waiting for familiar resolve“

—  Ben Gibbard American singer, songwriter and guitarist 1976

Expo '86
Transatlanticism (2003)

„Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam egestas wisi a erat. Morbi imperdiet, mauris ac auctor dictum.“