„The Lord said "Let there be wheat" and Saskatchewan was born.“

My Discovery of America (1937)

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„Saskatchewan is much like Texas — except it's more friendly to the United States.“

—  Adlai Stevenson mid-20th-century Governor of Illinois and Ambassador to the UN 1900 - 1965

This was attributed to Stevenson without reference in 1001 Greatest Things Ever Said About Texas (2006) by Donna Ingham, p. 92. It was also attributed without reference in "Reporters' Notebook", The Buffalo News, September 24, 1992. No closer connection to Stevenson has been found.

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„Let the lord of chaos rule.“

—  Robert Jordan American writer 1948 - 2007

(11 October 2005)

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„The only thing I knew to do was to pray. “Lord, if I’m going to be rescued,” I said out loud, “please let me know.”“

—  Abby Sunderland Camera Assistant, Inspirational Speaker and Sailor 1993

Источник: Unsinkable: A Young Woman's Courageous Battle on the High Seas (2011), p. 175

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„Lord, let me not live to be useless!“

—  John Wesley Christian theologian 1703 - 1791

Journal (22 December 1763)
General sources

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„The wheat bought by a farmer to sow is comparatively a fixed capital to the wheat purchased by a baker to make into loaves.“

—  David Ricardo British political economist, broker and politician 1772 - 1823

Источник: The Principles of Political Economy and Taxation (1821) (Third Edition), Chapter I, Section IV, On Value, p. 19

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„Lord, let me live until I die.“

—  Will Rogers American humorist and entertainer 1879 - 1935

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„When God chooses to let himself be born in lowliness“

—  Sören Kierkegaard Danish philosopher and theologian, founder of Existentialism 1813 - 1855

Источник: 1850s, Practice in Christianity (September 1850), p. 34
Контексте: When God chooses to let himself be born in lowliness, when he who holds all possibilities in his hand takes upon himself the form of a lowly servant, when he goes about defenseless and lets people do with him what they will, he surely must know well enough what he is doing and why he wills it; but for all that it is he who has people in his power and not they who have power over him-so history ought not play Mr. Malapert http://www.archive.org/stream/villagedialogue01hillgoog#page/n121/mode/1up by this wanting to make manifest who he was.

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„Lord, I ascribe it to thy grace,
And not to chance as others do,
That I was born of Christian race,
And not a Heathen, or a Jew.“

—  Isaac Watts English hymnwriter, theologian and logician 1674 - 1748

Song 6: "Praise for the Gospel".
1710s, Divine Songs Attempted in the Easy Language of Children (1715)

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„Why should the cotton growers suffer if there is shortage of wheat?“

—  Benjamin Graham American investor 1894 - 1976

Part II, Chapter V, Reservoir System and Commodities, p. 72
Storage and Stability (1937)

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„Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam egestas wisi a erat. Morbi imperdiet, mauris ac auctor dictum.“