„My song can make you cry, take you by surprise. At the same time, can make your dry your eyes with the same rhyme. See what you're seeing is a genius at work, which to me isn't work, so it's easy to misinterpret it at first.“

—  Эминем, 2000s, "My Dad's Gone Crazy"
Эминем фото
Американский рэпер, актёр, музыкальный продюсер 1972

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„.. on my travels, for example, abroad,.. I see things that attract me, in the works of others, - which impress me. That's what you reflect upon at times. And when you come home you think: Me too have to make something like that... Then you start, and when it's finished it looks like the work of that person or another... But your own originality doesn't get lost, - your sentiment remains!.. And this happens not only to me, - this happens to others also... Unintentionally you continue to build on motives of others..“

—  Jozef Israëls Dutch painter 1824 - 1911
Quotes of Jozef Israels, after 1900, translation from the original Dutch: Fons Heijnsbroek version in Dutch (citaat van Jozef Israëls, in het Nederlands): ..op mijn reizen bijvoorbeeld, in het buitenland,. ..ik zie dingen die me aantrekken, in werken van anderen, - die me imponeeren. Daar denk-je dan eens over na. En als je dan thuiskomt denk-je: zoo iets moet ik toch óók eens maken.. .Dan begin-je eraan, en als 't klaar is lijkt het op het werk van dien of dien.. Maar je eigen originaliteit gaat tòch niet verloren, - je sentiment blijft!. ..En zo gaat het niet alleen met mij, - zoo gaat het ook met anderen.. .Je bouwt onwillekeurig voort op motieven van ànderen.. Quoted by N.H. Wolf, in 'Bij onze Nederlandsche kunstenaars. IV. - Jozef Israëls, Grootmeester der Nederlandsche Schilders', in Wereldkroniek, 8 Feb. 1902

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„You have by this time surely seen with your own eyes what your iron ships, with which you think you can accomplish wonders and on which you boast so much, can do against my junks; how one of them has been burned by one of my junks and has disappeared in smoke; how the others would have met with the same doom had they not taken to flight and gone out to sea.“

—  Koxinga Chinese military leader 1624 - 1662
Formosa under the Dutch: described from contemporary records, with explanatory notes and a bibliography of the island, 1903, William Campbell, Kegan Paul, 424, Dec. 20 2011 http://books.google.com/books?id=OpdMq-YJoeoC&pg=PA423&dq=koxinga+formosa+always+belonged+to+china&hl=en&ei=vsjiTergDM3TgAekqbzKBg&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=7&ved=0CEQQ6AEwBg#v=onepage&q=same%20doom%20had%20they%20not%20taken%20to%20flight%20and%20gone%20out%20to%20sea.&f=false, Original from the University of Michigan(LONDON : KEGAN PAUL, TRENCH, TRUBNER & CO. LTD DRYDEN HOUSE, 43 GERRARD STREET, SOHO MDCCCCIII Edinburgh : T. and A. CONSTABLE, Printers to His Majesty)

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„Anyone can be heroic from time to time, but a gentleman is something which you have to be all the time. Which isn't easy.“

—  Luigi Pirandello Italian dramatist, novelist, short story writer, and poet, Nobel Prize for Literature laureate 1867 - 1936
The Pleasure of Honesty (1917), trans. William Murray http://encarta.msn.com/quote_561560170/Behavior_Anyone_can_be_heroic_from_time_to_time_but_a.html

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„Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam egestas wisi a erat. Morbi imperdiet, mauris ac auctor dictum.“