„Of all the kindes of common countrey life,
Methinkes a shepheards life is most content;
His state is quiet peace, devoyd of strife;
His thoughts are pure from all impure intent,
His pleasures rate sits at an easie rent;
He beares no mallice in his harmles hart,
Malicious meaning hath in him no part.

He is not troubled with th' afflicted minde,
His cares are onely over silly sheepe;
He is not unto jealozie inclinde,
(Thrice happie man) he knowes not how to weepe;
Whilst I the treble in deepe sorrowes keepe.
I cannot keepe the meane; for why (alas)
Griefes have no meane, though I for meane doe passe.“

The Shepheard's Content, or the Happines of a Harmles Life.
The Affectionate Shepheard http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/19902 (1594)

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Richard Barnfield8
English poet 1574 - 1627

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„Oh happy, (if his happiness he knows)
The Countrey Swain! on whom kind Heav'n bestows
At home all Riches that wise Nature needs;
Whom the just Earth with easie plenty feeds.“

—  Abraham Cowley British writer 1618 - 1667

Virgil, Georgics, book ii, line 458; in The Works of Mr Abraham Cowley, The Fifth Edition (London, 1678), p. 105

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„There is no meaning to life except the meaning man gives his life by the unfolding of his powers.“

—  Erich Fromm German social psychologist and psychoanalyst 1900 - 1980

Источник: Man for Himself: An Inquiry into the Psychology of Ethics

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