„Constructs extraneous to the real world should be eliminated from the analysis model. They may be needed later during design, but not now. For example, CPU subroutine, process, algorithm, and interrupt are implementation constructs for most applications [and should be excluded from the analysis model]…“

p. 155; as cited in: Roger Chiang et al (2009, p. 165)
Object-oriented modeling and design (1990)

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Didier Sornette фото

„Knowledge is encoded in models. Models are synthetic sets of rules, and pictures, and algorithms providing us with useful representations of the world of our perceptions and of their patterns.“

—  Didier Sornette French scientist 1957

Chapter 5, Modeling Financial Bubbles And Market Crashes, p. 134.
Why Stock Markets Crash - Critical Events in Complex Systems (2003)

Marshall McLuhan фото

„King Lear is a working model of the process of denudation by which men translate themselves from a world of roles to a world of jobs.“

—  Marshall McLuhan Canadian educator, philosopher, and scholar-- a professor of English literature, a literary critic, and a communicatio… 1911 - 1980

p. 16
1960s, The Gutenberg Galaxy (1962)

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Herbert A. Simon фото

„Now the salient characteristic of the decision tools employed in management science is that they have to be capable of actually making or recommending decisions, taking as their inputs the kinds of empirical data that are available in the real world, and performing only such computations as can reasonably be performed by existing desk calculators or, a little later electronic computers. For these domains, idealized models of optimizing entrepreneurs, equipped with complete certainty about the world - or, a worst, having full probability distributions for uncertain events - are of little use. Models have to be fashioned with an eye to practical computability, no matter how severe the approximations and simplifications that are thereby imposed on them…
The first is to retain optimization, but to simplify sufficiently so that the optimum (in the simplified world!) is computable. The second is to construct satisficing models that provide good enough decisions with reasonable costs of computation. By giving up optimization, a richer set of properties of the real world can be retained in the models… Neither approach, in general, dominates the other, and both have continued to co-exist in the world of management science.“

—  Herbert A. Simon American political scientist, economist, sociologist, and psychologist 1916 - 2001

p. 498; As cited in: Arjang A. Assad, ‎Saul I. Gass (2011) Profiles in Operations Research: Pioneers and Innovators. p. 260-1.
1960s-1970s, "Rational decision making in business organizations", Nobel Memorial Lecture 1978

Herbert A. Simon фото

„The world you perceive is drastically simplified model of the real world.“

—  Herbert A. Simon, книга Administrative Behavior

p. xxvi.
1940s-1950s, Administrative Behavior, 1947

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„Affected as they are by a constitutive solipsism, philosophies can say everything about the world they design and very little about the world they help to construct.“

—  Umberto Eco, книга Semiotics and the Philosophy of Language

[O] : Introduction, 0.7
Semiotics and the Philosophy of Language (1984)
Контексте: A philosophy does not play its role as an actor during a recital; it interacts with other philosophies and with other facts, and it cannot know the results of the interaction between itself and other world visions. World visions can conceive of everything, except alternative world visions, if not in order to criticize them and to show their inconsistency. Affected as they are by a constitutive solipsism, philosophies can say everything about the world they design and very little about the world they help to construct.

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„Perhaps the greatest strength of an object-oriented approach to development is that it offers a mechanism that captures a model of the real world.“

—  Grady Booch American software engineer 1955

Grady Booch (1986) Software Engineering with Ada p. 220. cited in: David J. Gilmore et al. (1994) User-Centred Requirements for Software Engineering Environments. p. 108

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