„In summary, it is the diversity of human behavior, its appropriateness to new situations, and man’s capacity to innovate – the creative aspect of language use providing the principal indication of this –that leads Descartes to attribute possession of mind to other humans, since he regards this capacity as beyond the limitations of any imaginable mechanism.“

—  Ноам Хомский, Quotes 2000s, 2007-09, (3rd ed., 2009), "Creative aspect of language use"
Ноам Хомский фото
Ноам Хомский44
американский лингвист, политический публицист и философ 1928

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„Broadly stated, the task is to replace the global rationality of economic man with a kind of rational behavior that is compatible with the access to information and the computational capacities that are actually possessed by organisms, including man, in the kinds of environments in which such organisms exist.“

—  Herbert A. Simon American political scientist, economist, sociologist, and psychologist 1916 - 2001
1940s-1950s, Simon (1955) "A behavioral model of rational choice", The Quarterly Journal of Economics, Vol. 69 (1); As cited in: Gustavo Barros (2010, p. 462).

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„Power conversion is the capacity to convert potential power, as measured by resources, to realized power, as measured by the changed behavior of others.“

—  Joseph Nye American political scientist 1937
Understanding International Conflicts: An Introduction to Theory and History (6th ed., 2006), Chapter 3, Balance of Power and World War I, p. 61.

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