„Our opinion at the time was that National Socialism and the Communism of the Soviet Republic were sort of 'siblings.’ And it may also be that this attitude was peculiar especially to an Austrian SS member. For his enemies at that time were not Social Democracy and Communism; these were combated by the Austrian aristocracy as much as he himself was;…“

—  Адольф Эйхман, False Gods: The Jerusalem Memoirs, London: UK, Black House Publishing (2015) p. 75
Адольф Эйхман фото
Адольф Эйхман1
Начальник сектора IV B 4 Управления IV РСХА нацистской Герм… 1906 - 1962

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„Engineers were the only members of the community "who understand the needs of the nation, desires of the workmen, and the power of the productive forces"“

—  Henry Gantt American engineer 1861 - 1919
p. 332 as cited in: J.T. Knoedler (1997) "Veblen and technical efficiency". In: Journal of Economic Issues, Vol. 31, No. 4 (Dec., 1997), pp. 1011-1026.

„If science were communism, was it also not possible that communism could itself become a science?“

—  John Desmond Bernal British scientist 1901 - 1971
Attributed to Bernal in: Gary Werskey (1978) The visible college. p. 137

„Even the word “socialism” itself was originally applied to the free communist communities which were so common in America in the nineteenth century.“

—  Kenneth Rexroth American poet, writer, anarchist, academic and conscientious objector 1905 - 1982
Context: Prior to 1918 the word “communism” did not mean Left Social Democracy of the sort represented by the Russian Bolsheviks, a radical, revolutionary form of State socialism. Quite the contrary, it was used of those who wished in one way or another to abolish the State, who believed that socialism was not a matter of seizing power, but of doing away with power and returning society to an organic community of non-coercive human relations. They believed that this was what society was naturally, and that the State was only a morbid growth on the normal body of oeconomia, the housekeeping of the human family, grouped in voluntary association. Even the word “socialism” itself was originally applied to the free communist communities which were so common in America in the nineteenth century. Introduction : The Libertarian Tradition http://www.bopsecrets.org/rexroth/communalism1.htm

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„In fundamental theory socialism and democracy are almost if not quite one and the same. They both rest at bottom upon the absolute right of the community to determine its own destiny and that of its members. Men as communities are supreme over men as individuals.“

—  Woodrow Wilson American politician, 28th president of the United States (in office from 1913 to 1921) 1856 - 1924
“Socialism and Democracy,” essay published in The Papers of Woodrow Wilson, Arthur S. Link, ed., Vol. 5, Princeton University Press, 1968, pp. 559-62, (first published, August 22, 1887)

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„Time has not grown so very old since the most prominent members of our profession, though admired by the public eye, and lauded by its tongue, were socially, viewed askance, and regarded as "merely players."“

—  Edwin Booth 19th century American actor 1833 - 1893
dedication of the Actors' Monument in Evergreen Cemetery, Long Island, 6 June 1887, quoted in Life and art of Edwin Booth, p. 282 https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=mdp.39015053687821;view=1up;seq=336

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„The Trotskyists are not only the enemies of Communism, they are also the enemies of democracy and of progress. They are the most infamous traitors and spies.“

—  Ho Chi Minh Vietnamese communist leader and first president of Vietnam 1890 - 1969
From a letter sent to the Communist Party of Vietnam, quoted in Vietnam & Trotskyism https://www.marxists.org/history/etol/document/vietnam/pirani/hochiminh.htm (1987)

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„Socialism is the science of dealing with the common weal. Communism is not Socialism. Marxism is not Socialism.“

—  Adolf Hitler Führer and Reich Chancellor of Germany, Leader of the Nazi Party 1889 - 1945
Context: Socialism is the science of dealing with the common weal. Communism is not Socialism. Marxism is not Socialism. The Marxians have stolen the term and confused its meaning. I shall take Socialism away from the Socialists. Socialism is an ancient Aryan, Germanic institution. Our German ancestors held certain lands in common. They cultivated the idea of the common weal. Marxism has no right to disguise itself as socialism. Socialism, unlike Marxism, does not repudiate private property. Unlike Marxism, it involves no negation of personality, and unlike Marxism, it is patriotic. We might have called ourselves the Liberal Party. We chose to call ourselves the National Socialists. We are not internationalists. Our socialism is national. We demand the fulfilment of the just claims of the productive classes by the state on the basis of race solidarity. To us state and race are one. Interview with George Sylvester Viereck, 1923 https://www.theguardian.com/theguardian/2007/sep/17/greatinterviews1