„I'm glad to say I haven't found my style yet. I'd be bored to death.“

"Technical Details" (p. 70)
posthumous quotes

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Эдгар Дега фото
Эдгар Дега8
французский художник 1834 - 1917

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„I'm not afraid of life and I'm not afraid of death: Dying's the bore.“

—  Katherine Anne Porter American journalist, essayist, short story writer, novelist, and political activist 1890 - 1980

Statement at age 80 in The New York Times (3 April 1970)

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Jim Jones фото

„I'd like to choose my own kind of death, for a change. I'm tired of being tormented to hell. Tired of it.“

—  Jim Jones founder and the leader of the Peoples Temple 1931 - 1978

" Death Tape http://jonestown.sdsu.edu/AboutJonestown/Tapes/Tapes/DeathTape/Q042fbi.html" FBI No. Q042 (18 November 1978)

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„I am glad I have that artistic life in me... [I'm] a nobody in my field of art... I don't overestimate myself at all, and that's why I can't get that comfort from my work [landscape painting], which the Great [artists] have in their field of art. What else to say! 50 years after my death!! I laughed about it. Do you think they will remember me after only one year? [after her death] Dear heaven! No, that is really my least concern.“

—  Marie Bilders-van Bosse painter from the Netherlands 1837 - 1900

translation from the original Dutch: Fons Heijnsbroek
version in original Dutch (citaat uit een brief van Marie Bilders-van Bosse, in het Nederlands:) Ik ben blij dat ik dat artistieke leven in mij heb.. ..[ik ben] een prul op mijn gebied.. ..Ik overschat mijzelven niemendal, en daarom kan ik uit mijn werk [landschap-schilderen] niet dien troost putten die de Grooten op een gebied daaruit halen. En verder! 50 jaar na mijn dood!! Ik heb er om gelachen. Denk je dat ze één jaar daarna nog aan mij zullen denken? Lieve hemel! Nee, dat is mijn minste zorg.
Quote from Marie Bilders-van Bosse in her letter from The Hague, 29 March 1896, to her friend Cornelia M. Beaujon-van Foreest; as cited in Marie Bilders-van Bosse 1837-1900 – Een Leven voor Kunst en Vriendschap, Ingelies Vermeulen & Ton Pelkmans; Kontrast ( ISBN 978-90-78215-54-7), 2008, p. 29
Marie wrote her letter shortly after a quarrel with her friend Cornelia

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Oscar Wilde фото

„My own business always bores me to death. I prefer other people's.“

—  Oscar Wilde, Lady Windermere's Fan

Cecil Graham, Act III
Lady Windermere's Fan (1892)

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Suman Pokhrel фото

I'd ever grown prosperous like Shah Jahan was,
I'd not have waited for my beloved's death
before I erected a Taj Mahal.“

—  Suman Pokhrel Nepali poet, lyricist, playwright, translator and artist 1967

<span class="plainlinks"> The Tajmahal and my Love http://www.best-poems.net/love_poems/the_taj_mahal_amp_my_love.html/</span>
From Poetry

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Mary Roach фото

„Death. It doesn't have to be boring.“

—  Mary Roach, книга Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers

Источник: Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers

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„Once I reveled in a destiny
like no other joy I'd known:
when the warden — reading
my death sentence — wept.“

—  José Martí Poet, writer, Cuban nationalist leader 1853 - 1895

I (Yo soy un hombre sincero) as translated by Esther Allen in José Martí : Selected Writings (2002), p. 273
Simple Verses (1891)

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Virgil фото

„Death twitches my ear. "Live," he says. "I am coming."“

—  Virgil Ancient Roman poet -70 - -19 до н.э.

Appendix Virgiliana, Copa 38.
Добавить примечание: (la) Mors aurem vellens, "vivite," ait, "venio."

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„I'm sorry," Laila says, marveling at how every Afghan story is marked by death and loss and unimaginable grief. And yet, she sees, people find a way to survive, to go on.“

—  Khaled Hosseini, книга A Thousand Splendid Suns

Laila, p. 395
Вариант: Every Afghan story is marked by death and loss and unimaginable grief. And yet, she sees, people find a way to survive, to go on.
Источник: A Thousand Splendid Suns (2007)

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