„For those who want to talk a lot about World War II, if it's about occupation, then we could also talk about it (Muslim prayers in the streets), because that is occupation of territory. It is an occupation of sections of the territory, of districts in which religious laws apply. It's an occupation. There are of course no tanks, there are no soldiers, but it is nevertheless an occupation and it weighs heavily on local residents.“

—  Марин Ле Пен, At a gathering in Lyon – Marine Le Pen: Muslims in France 'like Nazi occupation', The Telegraph (12 December 2010) http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/france/8197895/Marine-Le-Pen-Muslims-in-France-like-Nazi-occupation.html
Марин Ле Пен фото
Марин Ле Пен4
французский политик 1968

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Alan M. Dershowitz фото
Karl Kraus фото
George Soros фото

„War and occupation create innocent victims.“

—  George Soros Hungarian-American business magnate, investor, and philanthropist 1930
Context: War and occupation create innocent victims. We count the body bags of American soldiers; there have been more than 1000 in Iraq. The rest of the world also looks at the Iraqis who get killed daily. There have been 15 times more. Some were trying to kill our soldiers; far too many were totally innocent, including many women and children. Every innocent death helps the terrorists' cause by stirring anger against America and bringing them potential recruits.

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Hassan Rouhani фото

„After all, in our region there's been a wound for years on the body of the Muslim world under the shadow of the occupation of the holy land of Palestine and the beloved al-Quds (Jerusalem).“

—  Hassan Rouhani 7th President of Islamic Republic of Iran 1948
Rouhani misquoted in remarks on Israel - state TV http://uk.reuters.com/article/2013/08/02/uk-iran-israel-idUKBRE9710GL20130802Iran's, Reuters, (August 2, 2013)

Abdullah of Saudi Arabia фото

„In beloved Iraq, blood is flowing between brothers, in the shadow of an illegitimate foreign occupation, and abhorrent sectarianism threatens a civil war.“

—  Abdullah of Saudi Arabia former King of Saudi Arabia 1924 - 2015
Saudi: US Iraq presence illegal http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/6505803.stm 29 March 2007.

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Marshall McLuhan фото

„Native societies did not think of themselves as being in the world as occupants but considered that their rituals created the world and keep it operational.“

—  Marshall McLuhan Canadian educator, philosopher, and scholar-- a professor of English literature, a literary critic, and a communicat... 1918 - 1980
College and University Journal, Volumes 6-7, American College Public Relations Association, 1967, p. 3

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