„First thing I remember when you came into my life
I said I wanna get that girl, no matter what I do
Well I guess I've been in love before and once or twice have been on the floor
But I've never loved no-one the way that I love you.“

—  Пол Саймон, Song lyrics, One-Trick Pony (1980), Late in the Evening
Пол Саймон фото
Пол Саймон
американский музыкант 1941

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„"One thing there's no getting by—
I've been a wicked girl." said I;
"But if I can't be sorry, why,
I might as well be glad!"“

—  Edna St. Vincent Millay, книга A Few Figs from Thistles
From "The Penitent", A Few Figs from Thistles (1922) <!-- Not sure whether this appears in the 1920 edition. -->

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