„The itch of disputing will prove the scab of churches.“

—  Генри Уоттон, A Panegyric to King Charles (1651).
Генри Уоттон фото
Генри Уоттон2
английский дипломат 1568 - 1639

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Henry Wotton фото

„Here lies the author of this phrase: ""The itch for disputing is the sore of churches."" Seek his name elsewhere.“

—  Henry Wotton English ambassador 1568 - 1639
Inscription on Wotton's gravestone, so placed at his direction.

„You treat your food like a scab.“

—  Bill Allred
Radio From Hell (November 6, 2006)

Peter Beard фото

„The whole world is a scab. The point is to pick it constructively.“

—  Peter Beard American photographer and writer 1938
Loose Talk, 1980.

Robert Penn Warren фото

„The urge to write poetry is like having an itch. When the itch becomes annoying enough, you scratch it.“

—  Robert Penn Warren American poet, novelist, and literary critic 1905 - 1989
The New York Times (16 December 1969)

Peter Greenaway фото

„Itch to read, scratch to understand.“

—  Peter Greenaway British film director 1942
From the ninth book, "The Book of Secrets"

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Rowland Hill (preacher) фото
Ludwig Wittgenstein фото

„One learns to itch where one can scratch.“

—  Ernest Bramah English author 1868 - 1942
The Story of Wong Choi and the Merchant Teen King's Thumb

William Penn фото

„It were endless to dispute upon everything that is disputable.“

—  William Penn English real estate entrepreneur, philosopher, early Quaker and founder of the Province of Pennsylvania 1644 - 1718

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