„Ball is made of leather, leather comes from cows, cows eat grass, and there is where the ball must be.“

—  Альфредо ди Стефано, The Wit and Wisdom of Alfredo Di Stéfano Kindle Location 71.
Альфредо ди Стефано фото
Альфредо ди Стефано
испанский футболист 1926 - 2014

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Terry Pratchett фото
Oriana Fallaci фото

„In a democracy it is the duty of the state governments to ban cow slaughter. There are a lot of things to eat in this country apart from cow.“

—  Niranjan Jyoti Indian politician 1967
As quoted in " Duty of state govts to ban cow slaughter, says Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti in Kolkata http://indianexpress.com/article/india/india-news-india/duty-of-state-govts-to-ban-cow-slaughter-says-sadhvi-niranjan-jyoti-in-kolkata/" The Indian Express (23 November 2015)

John Betjeman фото

„Come, friendly bombs, and fall on Slough!
It isn't fit for humans now,
There isn't grass to graze a cow.
Swarm over, Death!“

—  John Betjeman English poet, writer and broadcaster 1906 - 1984
"Slough" line 1, from Continual Dew (1937).

Aldo Leopold фото

„[This book] has done well to preserve this saga of how the state was made safe for cows. How the state is to be made safe from cows is a saga yet to be written.“

—  Aldo Leopold American writer and scientist 1887 - 1948
"Review of Meet Mr. Grizzly by Montague Stevens" [1944]; Published in Aldo Leopold's Southwest, David E. Brown and Neil B. Carmony (eds.) 1990, p. 220.

Narcisse Virgilio Díaz фото

„Your women bathing come from the cow house.“

—  Narcisse Virgilio Díaz French painter 1807 - 1876
Quote of Diaz to Millet, c. 1860's, viewing a Nude painting of Millet; as quoted by Arthur Hoeber in The Barbizon Painters – being the story of the Men of thirty – associate of the National Academy of Design; publishers, Frederick A. Stokes Company, New York 1915, p. 17

Kurt Cobain фото

„Yes I eat cow I am not proud.“

—  Kurt Cobain American musician and artist 1967 - 1994
Mr Moustache.

Charles Bukowski фото
Renée Vivien фото

„Men smell of leather. … The leather of huntsmen, furniture movers, porters.“

—  Renée Vivien British poet who wrote in the French language 1877 - 1909

 Šantidéva фото

„Where would I find enough leather
To cover the entire surface of the earth?
But with leather soles beneath my feet,
It’s as if the whole world has been covered.“

—  Šantidéva 8th-century Indian Buddhist monk and scholar 685
Context: Where would there be leather enough to cover the entire world? With just the leather of my sandals, it is as if the whole world were covered. Likewise, I am unable to restrain external phenomena, but I shall restrain my own mind. What need is there to restrain anything else? § 5.13

Melanie Joy фото
Willem Maris фото

„The cow exists for the light that comes to glide along and over the animal - the light doesn't exist for he cow.“

—  Willem Maris Dutch landscape painter of the Hague School (1844-1910) 1844 - 1910
version in original Dutch / origineel citaat van Willem Maris: De koe is er om het licht, dat langs en over het dier komt glijden - het licht niet om de koe.

Karl Lagerfeld фото
Cassandra Clare фото

„Very tight.
Very leather.“

—  Cassandra Clare, City of Heavenly Fire