„To us, analysis is the study of a problem domain, leading to a specification of externally observable behavior; a complete, consistent, and feasible statement of what is needed; a coverage of both functional and quantified operational characteristics“

e.g. reliability, availability, performance
Источник: Object-oriented design (1991), p. 18.

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„[Object-oriented analysis is] the challenge of understanding the problem domain and then the system's responsibilities in that light.“

—  Ed Yourdon American software engineer and pioneer in the software engineering methodology 1944 - 2016

Источник: Object-oriented design (1991), p. 8-9; as cited in: Elisa Bertino, ‎Susan Urban (1994) Object-Oriented Methodologies and Systems. p. 160.

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„Any approach to the study of organizations is built on specific assumptions about the nature of organizations and how they are designed and function.“

—  Karl E. Weick Organisational psychologist 1936

R.L. Daft, Karl E. Weick. "Toward a model of organizations as interpretation systems," Academy of management review, 1984.

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„Institutions are human behavior, and they are, therefore, to be explained by the characteristics of that behavior.“

—  George C. Homans American sociologist 1910 - 1989

George C. Homans (1962), "Autobiographical introduction", in: Sentiments & activities; essays in social science https://archive.org/stream/sentimentsactivi00homa#page/34/mode/2up, p. 35

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