„It is the shortcomings of game theory (as originally formulated) which force the consideration of the role of ethics, of the dynamics of social structure, and of social structure and of individual psychology in situations of conflict.“

p, vii (1974)
1960s, Fights, games, and debates, (1960)

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Olly Blackburn фото

„Blackburn also took an interest in the dynamics of friendships between men and the psychological games that can become part of this.“

—  Olly Blackburn Film director and screenwriter

[Film4, Channel Four Television Corporation, http://www.film4.com/features/article/olly-blackburn-and-david-bloom-on-donkey-punch, 23 February 2012, Olly Blackburn and David Bloom on Donkey Punch, 2008]

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„I think game theory creates ideas that are important in solving and approaching conflict in general.“

—  Robert Aumann Israeli-American mathematician 1930

Aumann in: " Game theorists share Nobel prize http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/4326732.stm" bbc.co.uk. Monday, 10 October 2005

„First let me persuade you of my metaphysics and epistemology, then my theory of science, then my ethics and social theory, and then having done all that, I will convince you of my political theory. Over the past two decades, I have become convinced that this is a mug’s game… The reason Plato, Hobbes, Marx, Mill, and Rawls (many others could be named) garner widespread attention as political theorists has much more to do with their destinations than with their starting points.“

—  Ian Shapiro American political theorist 1956

Shapiro, Ian. 2011. The Real World of Democratic Theory. Princeton University Press. p. 254; As cited in: Michael A. Fotos. Vincent Ostrom’s Revolutionary Science of Association http://www.indiana.edu/~workshop/colloquia/materials/papers/Fotos_VO's%20RevolutionaryScienceOfAssociation_15Mar2013.pdf, Lecturer in Political Science, Ethics, Politics, and Economics Yale University, New Haven CT : About Vincent Ostrom.

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„From gadgets to social networks to video games, the decision not to embrace the newest technology is a choice to be out of the mainstream.“

—  Noam Cohen American journalist 1999

Noam, Cohen, The New York Times, We're All Nerds Now, September 13, 2014, October 29, 2014 http://www.nytimes.com/2014/09/14/sunday-review/were-all-nerds-now.html,

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