„In the minds of many writers systems engineering is synonomous with component selection and interface design; that is, the systems engineer does not design hardware but decides what types of existing hardware shall be coupled and how they shall be coupled. Complete agreement that this function is the essence of systems engineering will not be found here, for, besides the very important function of systems engineering in systems analysis, there is the role played by systems engineering in providing boundary conditions for hardware design.“

Источник: A Mathematical Theory of Systems Engineering (1967), p. 193.

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„Information Engineering is the application of an interlocking set of formal techniques for the planning, analysis, design, and construction of information systems on the enterprise wide basis or across a major sector of the enterprise.“

—  James Martin (author) British information technology consultant and writer 1933 - 2013

Источник: Information Engineering (1989), p. 1; cited in Karl E. Kurbel (2008) The making of information systems [electronic resource]. p. 176

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„System engineering is the art and science of creating effective systems, using whole system, whole life principles.“

—  Derek Hitchins British systems engineer 1935

Derek Hitchins (1995) cited in: Herbert Negele (2000) Systems engineering--a key to competitive advantage for all industries. p,166

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„Architecture is defined as the art and science of creating buildings. Systems engineering may be similarly defined as the art and science of creating systems.“

—  Derek Hitchins British systems engineer 1935

Источник: Advanced Systems Thinking, Engineering and Management (2003), p. 309; partly cited in: Kurt A. Richardson, Wendy J. Gregory, Gerald Midgley (2006) Systems Thinking and Complexity Science. p. 39

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„The Holy Grail of systems engineering, a generic systems methodology has been the subject of the author’s ongoing research for over 20 years.“

—  Derek Hitchins British systems engineer 1935

Derek K Hitchins (2005) Systems Methodology http://sse.stevens.edu/fileadmin/cser/2005/papers/10.pdf

„Enterprise Engineering is based on the belief that an enterprise, as any other complex system can be designed or improved in an orderly fashion thus giving a better overall result than ad hoc organisation and design.“

—  Peter Bernus Hungarian-Australian computer scientist 1949

Peter Bernus, Laszlo Nemes, and R. Morris (1994) " Possibilities and limitations of reusing enterprise models http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi=" IFAC Workshop, Proceedings from Intelligent Manufacturing Systems.

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