„All the copy-cat predictions of a Muslim takeover of Europe not only ignore history and Europe’s ineradicable viciousness and Europe's ineradicable piousness, but do a serious disservice by exacerbating fear and hatred. And when it comes to hatred, trust me: The Europeans don't need our help.“

—  Ralph Peters, p. 334
Ralph Peters фото
Ralph Peters17
American military officer, writer, pundit 1952

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„How can we still speak of the salvation and reformation of Europe, when we have to ask Europe's destroyer for help?“

—  Alfred Rosenberg German architect and politician 1893 - 1946
On the Nazi-Soviet Pact. Quoted in "The Face of the Third Reich: Portraits of the Nazi Leadership" - Page 171 - by Joachim C. Fest - History - 1999.

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„Being seen as the best striker in Europe doesn't spur me on—it's helping my team to success. That's my only aim.“

—  Thierry Henry French association football player 1977
Source: Thierry Henry quotes http://expertfootball.com/gossip/quotes.php?search=Thierry_henry,

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„We are hated throughout Europe and that hate must be cured by fear.“

—  George Canning British statesman and politician 1770 - 1827
Letter to George Leveson-Gower (2 October 1807), quoted in Boyd Hilton, A Mad, Bad, and Dangerous People? England. 1783-1846 (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 2006), p. 211.

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„Today in Europe, violence instigated by individuals and groups who fear diversity is spreading“

—  Gjorge Ivanov President of Macedonia 1960
Context: Socially, the crisis is putting the European model of integration to the test. Instead of being united in diversity, will Europe now be united against diversity? Instead of integration without assimilation, will Europe now prefer integration through assimilation? The Arab philosopher Averroes wrote that “ignorance leads to fear, fear leads to hate and hate leads to violence.” Today in Europe, violence instigated by individuals and groups who fear diversity is spreading

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