„Bangladesh, Bangladesh
When the sun sinks in the west
Die a million people of the Bangladesh“

Joan Baez, in the Song for Bangladesh (1971)

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„This may be my last message. From today Bangladesh is independent. I call upon the people of Bangladesh wherever you are and with whatever you have, to resist the occupation army. Our fight will go on till the last soldier of the Pakistan Occupation Army is expelled from the soil of independent Bangladesh. Final victory is ours. Joy Bangla!“

—  Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Bengali revolutionary, founder ("father") of Bangladesh 1920 - 1975

The Declaration of Independence on the night of 26th March, 1971. The declaration was made minutes before his arrest by the Pakistan Army. http://www.albd.org/autoalbd/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=111&Itemid=44 http://www.thedailystar.net/story.php?nid=93650 http://web.archive.org/web/20110719125113/http://www.albd.org/autoalbd/images/stories/compile/2006/dia/dia_letter.jpg
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„If Bangladesh does not agree to take back its people, then the country should compensate by giving land to India.“

—  Subramanian Swamy Indian politician 1939

On illegal migration from Bangladesh, "Bangladesh should compensate with land for influx: Subramanian Swamy" http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/news/Bangladesh-should-compensate-with-land-for-influx-Subramanian-Swamy/articleshow/33944511.cms?, The Times of India (19 April 2014)

Ziaur Rahman фото

„I, Major Ziaur Rahman, on behalf of Bangobondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, hereby declare that the independent People's Republic of Bangladesh has been established.“

—  Ziaur Rahman President of Bangladesh 1936 - 1981

Declaration of Independence of Bangladesh on March 27, 1971 at 7:45 PM.
Контексте: This is Shadhin Bangla Betar Kendro. I, Major Ziaur Rahman, on behalf of Bangobondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, hereby declare that the independent People's Republic of Bangladesh has been established. I have taken command as the temporary Head of the Republic. I call upon all Bengalis to rise against the attack by the West Pakistani Army. We shall fight to the last to free our Motherland. By the grace of Allah, victory is ours. Joy Bangla.

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„All unprejudiced persons objectively surveying the grim events in Bangladesh since March 25 have recognized the revolt of 75 million people, a people who were forced to the conclusion that neither their life, nor their liberty, to say nothing of the possibility of the pursuit of happiness, was available to them.“

—  Indíra Gándhí Indian politician and Prime Minister 1917 - 1984

Referring to the fundamental rights of "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" in the United States Declaration of Independence in a letter to Richard Nixon (December 15, 1971). http://www.thehindu.com/thehindu/mag/2005/07/03/stories/2005070300090100.htm.

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„It was around dusk when my companion and I noticed the position of sun closer to the west horizon, and the sun was going up.“

—  Jayant Narlikar Indian physicist 1938

When he saw this strange phenomenon while he was travelling from London to Chicago on December 14, 1963, by a jet plane.

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James Joyce фото

„You can still die when the sun is shining.“

—  James Joyce, книга Портрет художника в юности

Источник: A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

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„When the sad sun sinks,
It shall pierce through the body of wax till it shrinks!“

—  Stéphane Mallarmé French Symbolist poet 1842 - 1898

Hérodiade (1898)
Контексте: When the sad sun sinks,
It shall pierce through the body of wax till it shrinks!
No sunset, but the red awakening
Of the last day concluding everything
Struggles so sadly that time disappears,
The redness of apocalypse, whose tears
Fall on the child, exiled to her own proud
Heart, as the swan makes its plumage a shroud
For its eyes, the old swan, and is carried away
From the plumage of grief to the eternal highway
Of its hopes, where it looks on the diamonds divine
Of a moribund star, which never more shall shine!

Sidney Lanier фото

„The sun is a-wait at the ponderous gate of the West.“

—  Sidney Lanier American musician, poet 1842 - 1881

"The Marshes of Glynn" (1878).

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Allen Ginsberg фото

„Which way will the sunflower turn surrounded by millions of suns?“

—  Allen Ginsberg, Howl, Kaddish and Other Poems

Источник: Howl, Kaddish and Other Poems

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„If people should ever start to do only what is necessary millions would die of hunger.“

—  Georg Christoph Lichtenberg German scientist, satirist 1742 - 1799

C 54
Variant translation: If all mankind were suddenly to practice honesty, many thousands of people would be sure to starve.
Aphorisms (1765-1799), Notebook C (1772-1773)

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