„Only a fool would attack us.“

—  Вячеслав Михайлович Молотов, Statement of June 1941, as quoted in Hitler and Stalin : Parallel Lives (1993) by Alan Bullock, p. 715
Вячеслав Михайлович Молотов фото
Вячеслав Михайлович Молотов7
советский политический и государственный деятель 1890 - 1986

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„Only a fool has no regrets and I'm not a fool.“

—  George Galloway British politician, broadcaster, and writer 1954
Interview in Metro http://www.metro.co.uk/fame/interviews/article.html?in_article_id=12486&in_page_id=11, May 2, 2006

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„Only fools think they’re wise; the rest of us just muddle through as we can.“

—  Charles de Lint author 1951
The Ivory and the Horn (1996), “Where Desert Spirits Crowd the Night”, p. 264

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