„In such countries, genocide is not too important…“

— Франсуа Миттеран, Comments about Rwanda attributed to President Mitterrand by Philip Gourevitch in "Reversing the Reversals of War," The New Yorker, 26 April 1999.
Франсуа Миттеран фото
Франсуа Миттеран5
французский политический деятель 1916 - 1996

Похожие цитаты

„It’s bizarre and disgusting to see much of America’s media making excuses for a bloodthirsty, openly genocidal death cult. Something is deeply wrong with journalism in this country.“

— Charles Foster Johnson American musician 1953
January 6, 2009 http://littlegreenfootballs.com/article/32367_Emerson-_Why_Does_The_New_York_Times_Love_Hamas&only

Cenk Uygur фото

„The claims of an Armenian Genocide are not based on historical facts. If the history of the period is examined it becomes evident that in fact no such genocide took place.“

— Cenk Uygur Turkish-American online news show host 1970
"Column: Historical Fact or Falsehood?", The Daily Pennsylvanian (20 November 1991) http://www.webcitation.org/68YqvmgSY; but see: "Rescinding Daily Pennsylvanian Article" https://tytnetwork.com/2016/04/22/rescinding-daily-pennsylvanian-article/ by Cenk Uygur (22 April 2016).

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan фото

„... it's not possible for a Muslim to commit genocide“

— Recep Tayyip Erdoğan 12th President of Turkey from 2014 1954
November 2009 "Sudanese President Bashir's visit to Turkey in limbo" http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/default.aspx?pageid=438&n=a-muslim-can-never-commit-genocide-erdogan-defends-bashir-2009-11-08, Hurriyet Daily News (November 8, 2009) Also translated as "it is not possible for those who belong to the Muslim faith to carry out genocide". https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2009/nov/11/erdogan-muslims-turkish-sudan-gaza

David Bowie фото

„This ain't rock'n'roll. This is genocide!“

— David Bowie British musician, actor, record producer and arranger 1947 - 2016
Diamond Dogs

Mark Steyn фото
Serzh Sargsyan фото

„Armenians, as a people that have survived the Genocide, have a moral duty towards mankind and history in the prevention of genocides. We have done and will continue to do our best to support the persistent implementation of the Genocide Convention. Genocide cannot concern only one people, because it is a crime against humanity.“

— Serzh Sargsyan Armenian politician, 3rd President of Armenia 1954
Speech by President Serzh Sargsyan in the Chatham House British Royal Institute of International Affairs http://www.president.am/events/news/eng/?search=Chatham+House&id=898 (February 10, 2010)

Benoît Mandelbrot фото

„Engineering is too important to wait for science.“

— Benoît Mandelbrot Polish-born, French and American mathematician 1924 - 2010
As quoted in "Fractal Finance" by Greg Phelan in Yale Economic Review (Fall 2005) http://www.yaleeconomicreview.com/issues/fall2005/fractalfinance

Oscar Wilde фото
Henry Kissinger фото
Raymond Loewy фото

„Design is too important to be left to designers.“

— Raymond Loewy industrial designer 1893 - 1986
Attributed to Raymond Loewy in: Adam Richardson (2010) Innovation X, p. 184

Julius Malema фото

„It didn’t end there [with genocide]. They passed law after law‚ taking land from our people. Yet investors never left the country. When they passed the Land Act of 1913‚ investors never left the country. Investors came into the country.“

— Julius Malema South African political activist 1981
On 4 March 2018, at the launch of the EFF's election registration campaign, Standard Bank arena, Johannesburg. As quoted by Nico Gous in Land in SA was taken through ‘genocide’ and will be returned: Malema https://www.timeslive.co.za/politics/2018-03-04-land-in-sa-was-taken-through-genocide-and-will-be-returned-malema/, Sunday Times (4 March 2018)

Catharine A. MacKinnon фото

„Can postmodernism hold the perpetrators of genocide accountable?“

— Catharine A. MacKinnon American feminist and legal activist 1946
"Postmodernism and Human Rights" (2000), p. 58

Sylvia Plath фото

„Aloneness and selfness are too important to betray for company.“

— Sylvia Plath American poet, novelist and short story writer 1932 - 1963

Oscar Wilde фото