„If Bordeaux red wines were carbonated, McDonald's would be a lot more interested in selling them.“

—  Ксавье Лерой, Source: Xavier Leroy (2002-06-20), Post to the Caml mailing list, 2010-08-06 http://caml.inria.fr/pub/ml-archives/caml-list/2002/06/4d57fe13abe8b7823d9c5ca9379d37ce.en.html,

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Ogden Nash фото

„Good wine needs no bush,
And perhaps products that people really want need no
hard-sell or soft-sell TV push.
Why not?
Look at pot.“

—  Ogden Nash American poet 1902 - 1971
"Most Doctors Recommend or Yours For Fast Fast Fast Relief" in The Old Dog Barks Backwards (1972)

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Avner Strauss фото

„If the Blues were wine, I'd be drunk all the time.“

—  Avner Strauss Israeli musician 1954
If the Blues Were Wine, 1/2 Precent Blues (1995).

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Karen Blixen фото
José Mourinho фото

„Maybe the guy drank red wine or beer with breakfast instead of milk. [After a Sheffield United fan threw a bottle at Frank Lampard]“

—  José Mourinho Portuguese association football player and manager 1963

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Abraham Cowley фото
Graham Greene фото

„You think it more difficult to turn air into wine than to turn wine into blood?“

—  Graham Greene English writer, playwright and literary critic 1904 - 1991
On a priest who pantomimes Mass, Monsignor Quixote, PBS TV (February 13, 1987)

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