„I do not suggest to you, Comrades, that in staying you put up with the suffering and the situation that you're not satisfied with. Quite the contrary. You must change the situation together with all other progressive people here in Serbia and Yugoslavia.… We in Serbia and everybody else in Yugoslavia will strive to change the situation.“

—  Слободан Милошевич, Kosovo Polje Speech (24 April 1987)
Слободан Милошевич фото
Слободан Милошевич4
югославский и сербский политик, президент Югославии (1997-2… 1941 - 2006

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„I need not tell you that the world situation is very serious. That must be apparent to all intelligent people.“

—  George Marshall US military leader, Army Chief of Staff 1880 - 1959
Context: I need not tell you that the world situation is very serious. That must be apparent to all intelligent people. I think one difficulty is that the problem is one of such enormous complexity that the very mass of facts presented to the public by press and radio make it exceedingly difficult for the man in the street to reach a clear appraisement of the situation. Furthermore, the people of this country are distant from the troubled areas of the earth and it is hard for them to comprehend the plight and consequent reactions of the long-suffering peoples, and the effect of those reactions on their governments in connection with our efforts to promote peace in the world.

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„We are against dependence on a change in the international situation for the solution of the China Incident.“

—  Shunroku Hata Japanese general 1879 - 1962
Quoted in "Tokyo Record" - Page 149 - by Otto David Tolischus - 1943

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