„I would like to grow less afraid of dying. I am infinitely less afraid today than I was 15 or 25 years ago. I was most afraid of dying when I was 33, because I come from a Catholic family.“

"Oprah Talks to Sidney Poitier", http://www.oprah.com/omagazine/Oprah-Interviews-Sidney-Poitier/1 O Magazine, October 2000

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Сидни Пуатье фото
Сидни Пуатье11
американский актёр 1927

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„I am dying innocent. The sentence is wrong. God protect Germany and make Germany great again. Long live Germany! God protect my family!“

—  Fritz Sauckel German general 1894 - 1946

Last words, 10/16/46. Quoted in "The Mammoth Book of Eyewitness World War II" - Page 566 - by Jon E. Lewis - History - 2002.

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„I knew that I would speak in the language of the vanquished
No more durable than old customs, family rituals,
Christmas tinsel, and once a year the hilarity of carols.“

—  Czeslaw Milosz Polish, poet, diplomat, prosaist, writer, and translator 1911 - 2004

"1945" (1985), trans. Czesław Miłosz and Robert Hass
New Poems (1985-1987)

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„I am what I am because I was the son of a princess. Women have always been very educated and progressive in my family.“

—  Uthradom Thirunal Marthanda Varma Maharaja of Travancore 1922 - 2013

On the matrilineal system of inheritance in vogue among the royal family, in "Royal vignettes: Travancore - Simplicity graces this House (30 March 2003)"

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„I would not have been here if I was not from a political family.“

—  Rahul Gandhi Indian politician 1970

Quoted in The Dynasty: Born to Rule by Sunita Aron Sunita Aron (2016) https://books.google.co.in/books?id=mUywDAAAQBAJ

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„Some people don't have a family to fall back on, like I have, and that's when something greater than even that comes in, and that's faith and that's what I have for me, that's what keeps me strong.“

—  Miley Cyrus American actor and singer-songwriter 1992

BREATHEcast.com http://www.breathecast.com/Christian.Music.News-Hannah.Montana.Star.Says.Faith.Keeps.Her.Grounded/1_2024.htm (March 3, 2008)

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