„We want everybody to have the best facilities in which to work, but we do not believe in posh and impressive private offices.“

Источник: Made in Japan (1986), p. 182.

Akio Morita фото
Akio Morita24
1921 - 1999

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Dave Eggers фото

„All we really want is for no one to have a boring life, to be impressive, so we can be impressed. ~ on the friends we choose.“

—  Dave Eggers, книга A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius

Источник: A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius

Al Franken фото

„Love takes attention and work and is the best thing in the world.
That's why we liberals want America to do the right thing. We know America is the hope of the world, and we love it and want it to do well.“

—  Al Franken American comedian and politician 1951

Lies: And the Lying Liars Who Tell Them (2003)
Контексте: If you listen to a lot of conservatives, they'll tell you that the difference between them and us is that conservatives love America and liberals hate America.... They don't get it. We love America just as much as they do. But in a different way. You see, they love America like a 4-year-old loves his mommy. Liberals love America like grown-ups. To a 4-year-old, everything Mommy does is wonderful and anyone who criticizes Mommy is bad. Grown-up love means actually understanding what you love, taking the good with the bad and helping your loved one grow. Love takes attention and work and is the best thing in the world.
That's why we liberals want America to do the right thing. We know America is the hope of the world, and we love it and want it to do well.

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Alexander Ovechkin фото

„We never give up, we believe in each other, we believe in the coach, we believe in everybody. Only when you believe do you win the Stanley Cup.“

—  Alexander Ovechkin Russian ice hockey player 1985

Associated Press (June 13, 2008) "Clean Sweep - Capitals' Sensation, Ovechkin, Captures Hart and Pearson", Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, p. D-6.

Katherine Mansfield фото

„To work — to work! It is such infinite delight to know that we still have the best things to do.“

—  Katherine Mansfield New Zealand author 1888 - 1923

Letter to Bertrand Russell (7 December 1916), from The Collected Letters of Katherine Mansfield, vol. I

William Morris фото

„If you want a golden rule that will fit everybody, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.“

—  William Morris author, designer, and craftsman 1834 - 1896

"The Beauty of Life," a lecture before the Birmingham Society of Arts and School of Design (19 February 1880), later published in Hopes and Fears for Art: Five Lectures Delivered in Birmingham, London, and Nottingham, 1878 - 1881 (1882).

Miguel de Unamuno фото

„We never know, believe me, when we have succeeded best.“

—  Miguel de Unamuno 19th-20th century Spanish writer and philosopher 1864 - 1936

Essays and Soliloquies

Chester Bowles фото

„I believe that we should take every opportunity to challenge the assumption that our European allies are doing us a favor whenever they provide us with the necessary facilities from which to defend their own continent.“

—  Chester Bowles American politician 1901 - 1986

Chester Bowles, "The Azores," White House Memorandum to President John F. Kennedy, Washington, DC, June 4, 1962. Quoted in Alexander Cooley and Hendrik Spruyt, Contracting States: Sovereign Transfers in International Relations, Princeton University Press (2009), pg. 100.

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George H. W. Bush фото

„You don't have to go to college to be a success … We need the people who run the offices, the people who do the hard physical work of our society.“

—  George H. W. Bush American politician, 41st President of the United States 1924 - 2018

Statement to the students of East Los Angeles' Garfield High School (5 May 1988)

Citát „Best we can do. And we have to do something.“
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Louis Brandeis фото

„What I have desired to do is to make the people of Boston realize that the most important office, and the one which all of us can and should fill, is that of private citizen. The duties of the office of private citizen cannot under a republican form of government be neglected without serious injury to the public.“

—  Louis Brandeis American Supreme Court Justice 1856 - 1941

Statement to a reporter in the Boston Record, 14 April 1903. (quoted in Alpheus Thomas Mason, Brandeis: A Free Man's Life (1946), p. 122.)
Commonly paraphrased as "The most important office is that of the private citizen" or "The most important political office is that of the private citizen", and sometimes misattributed to his dissenting opinion in Olmstead v. United States.
Extra-judicial writings

Eric Hoffer фото

„We can never have enough of that which we really do not want, and… we run fastest and farthest from ourselves.“

—  Eric Hoffer, книга The True Believer

Section 37, Ch.6 Misfits
The True Believer (1951), Part Two: The Potential Converts

„Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam egestas wisi a erat. Morbi imperdiet, mauris ac auctor dictum.“