„Hayom ata hash m'romam. Al titen l'ymot ha'etmol v'hamahar lehashpil at ruhekha.“

Today you feel uplifted. Do not let yesterday and tomorrow bring you down.
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„Im ata ma'amin sh'ykholim lekalkel, ta'amin sh'yecholim letaken.“

—  Nachman of Breslov Ukrainian rabbi 1772 - 1810

If you believe breaking is possible, believe fixing is possible.
Добавить примечание: (iw) אם אתה מאמין שיכולים לקלקל, תאמין שיכולים לתקן

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„Amos Regev, the editor-[in-chief] of Israel HaYom, is a personal friend and my conversations with him are not within the framework of my job.“

—  Benjamín Netanyahu Israeli prime minister 1949

Response to an FOI request by Haaretz on ties between Netanyahu and the management of Israel's largest newspaper (11 June 2015) http://www.haaretz.com/opinion/.premium-1.660914
2010s, 2015

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„Maybe we should take a clue from FTP and put in an option like 'print hash marks on every 1024 iterations.“

—  Larry Wall American computer programmer and author, creator of Perl 1954

[199807171819.LAA13771@wall.org, 1998]
Usenet postings, 1998

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„Al-Qaeda means Bush and Blair. Who established Al-Qaeda? You are the ones who should be put on trial. You were the mother of Al-Qaeda.“

—  Ahmad Jannati Iranian ayatollah 1927

Terror in London (9) - Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati in Tehran Friday Sermon: The English Government May Have Caused the London Bombings Like the US Government May Have Caused 9/11 http://www.memritv.org/clip_transcript/en/758.htm July 2005.
Al Qaeda

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„Well aunt (quoth Ales) all is well that endes well.
Ye Ales, of a good begynnyng comth a good end.“

—  John Heywood English writer known for plays, poems and a collection of proverbs 1497 - 1580

Well aunt, said Ales, all is well that ends well.
Yes Ales, of a good beginning comes a good end.
Part I, chapter 10.
Proverbs (1546)

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„Then to the spicy nut-brown ale.“

—  John Milton English epic poet 1608 - 1674

Источник: L'Allegro (1631), Line 100

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Geoffrey Chaucer фото

„And brought of mighty ale a large quart.“

—  Geoffrey Chaucer, книга The Canterbury Tales

The Miller's Tale, l. 3497
The Canterbury Tales

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„It is said that the Shariat prospers under the shadow of the sword (al-Shara‘ tahat al-saif). And the glory of the holy Shariat depends on the kings of Islam…“

—  Ahmad Sirhindi Indian philosopher 1564 - 1624

Maktubat-i-Imam Rabbani translated into Urdu by Maulana Muhammad Sa’id Ahmad Naqshbandi, Deoband, 1988, Volume I, p.211. This letter was written to the Khan-i-Azam of that time.
From his letters

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„Al-Buraq to Earth. Contact made.“

—  Yakoub Islam

Earth-Mind Link (25 July 2011).
Captain Jul's Mission Blog (2011 - 2013)
Контексте: Al-Buraq to Earth. Contact made. Kamal, onboard computer, setting up link between (1) mind of mixed-species hominid on Planet Earth, and (2) cortico helmet of Captain Jul. Scanning planet for mixed-species hominid. One mixed-species hominid identified. Name: Yakoub Islam. Consent obtained. Link established with Yakoub’s mind.
Set up complete.

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„Al-Qaeda is still the biggest threat for Iraq and the region.“

—  Nouri al-Maliki Prime Minister of Iraq 1950

As quoted in "Only 'one in five Iraqis' has confidence in coalition" http://www.24dash.com/news/57/18079/index.htm (March 2007), 24Dash.

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„The National Education Association is the al-Qaida of education.“

—  Ilana Mercer South African writer

"Shafting Boys," http://www.ilanamercer.com/Shafting%20Boys.htm WorldNetDaily.com, January 27, 2006.
2000s, 2006

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„You know who doesn't like _____? Al-Qaeda!“

—  Craig Ferguson Scottish-born American television host, stand-up comedian, writer, actor, director, author, producer and voice artist 1962

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