„That's you now, hello, ciao.
Seems that life is great now.
See me lose focus, as I sing to you loud.
I can't, no, I won't hush.
I'll say the words that make you blush.
I'm gonna sing this now.
See, I'm true, my songs are where my heart is.“

—  Эд Ширан, Song lyrics, + (2011), You Need Me, I Don't Need You.
Эд Ширан фото
Эд Ширан4
английский автор-исполнитель 1991

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„Come, sing now, sing; for I know you sing well;
I see you have a singing face.“

—  John Fletcher, The Wild Goose Chase
The Wild Goose Chase (c. 1621; published 1652), Act II. 2.

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„But now if I can wrap myself up in that song, and when that song gets to be a part of me, and affects me emotionally, then the emotions that I go through, chances are I’ll be able to communicate to you. Make the people out there become a part of the life of this song that you’re singing about. That’s soul when you can do that.“

—  Ray Charles American musician 1930 - 2004
http://interview.sweetsearch.com/2010/11/ray-charles.html A symposium on soul, Pop Chronicles, Show 15: The Soul Reformation http://digital.library.unt.edu/explore/partners/UNTML/browse/?start=14&fq=untl_collection%3AJGPC, interview recorded 3.8.1968 http://web.archive.org/web/20100116003442/http://www.library.unt.edu/music/special-collections/john-gilliland/index-to-interviews.

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„I would like to say to you, to the leaders of the left, and the leaders of the right, I sing… I sing for everyone. My song has no flag, my song has no party.“

—  Leonard Cohen Canadian poet and singer-songwriter 1934 - 2016
Warsaw concert (1985), Context: I come from a country where we do not have the same struggles as you have. I respect your struggles. And it may surprise you, but I respect both sides of this struggle. It seems to be that in Europe there needs to be a left foot and a right foot to move forward. I wish that both feet move forward and the body moves towards its proper destiny. This is an intense country; the people are heroic, the spirit is independent. It is a difficult country to govern, it needs a strong government and a strong union. … I would like to say to you, to the leaders of the left, and the leaders of the right, I sing... I sing for everyone. My song has no flag, my song has no party. And I say the prayer, that we said in our synagogue, I say it for the leader of your union and the leader of your party. May the Lord put a spirit, a wisdom and understanding into the hearts of your leaders and into the hearts of all their counsellors. Introducing "Who by Fire"

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